12/1/2010 12:37 PM

We're back in the studio after our Buzz babe signing at Arkansas Car Stereo.

Thanks to Ch. 7 anchor and Razorback football and basketball commentator Scott Inman for hanging out in The Zone.  We talked about the bball's loss to UAB and tonight's game against Oklahoma.  And, of course, the Hog football season and upcoming bowl situation.

Our trusty mutimedia man Chris Bahn from came on to spit some of his knowledge on everything sports and life.  A true man of the people Chris is a tweeting legend amongst the birds.

Julie Alexandria of MTV's "The Seven" gave us our entertainment breakdown.  She tried to convince me to watched "Glee", which I now will.  I bet her the Patriots would beat her Jets and i feel very comfortable with that bet.  "The Seven" airs on MTV at 4 pm.


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