12/29/2010 1:07 PM

Thanks to KATV's Beth Hunt for sitting in for Pat Bradley today.  We had a great time with her and her sweet son Cameron. 

Today we talked about how Ohio State's players are getting preferential treatment in their punishment from the NCAA.  Former NCAA compliance officer David Ridpath and ESPN The Magaziner writer Bruce Feldman agree and said so on ESPN yesterday.  Also taking a lot of blame is OSU AD Gene Smith who claims the kids didn't know.  What a crock.  As we all know, ignorance is neither bliss nor an excuse for doing wrong and the NCAA has shown that for years that is what they believe.  These morons are making it up as they go along!  In addition the Sugar Bowl commissioner admits that he begged for the offenders to be allowed to play to protect the "integrity" of the game.  HA!  The integrity is what is being lost by playing kids that shouldn't be playing!

It seems we can't go a minute without pounding on how dumb the DT trolley is.  I think they should finally make a bold move and make....trolley hovercrafts.  An emailer sent me a pic.  Think of it you could do Arkansas River tours and rescues!

We also spent some time talking about some of our Sugar Bowl activities.  Heads up-a lot of people are now selling tickets to the game at face value AND we are hosting some great events in the Big Easy.  Also-we are giving away tickets on the SWNN tomorrow, a pair at our Sunday party at Margaritaville and Tuesday at Pat O'Briens before the game.  You must be present to win the tickets while we are in NOLA.   Pat is back from being snowed in tomorrow so tune in for some fun in The Zone!  We will continue a look back at some great moments from 2010!


DannaKay Duggar (12/31/2010 12:43 PM)

Hey Justin...it's the girl with 3rd whitest teeth in Arkansas and I'm working today. The Jacksonville Museum of Military History is open

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