1/10/2011 1:02 PM

The snowfall was terrific!  Most of the city is shut down to everyone except us essential employees.  All you non-essential employees please stay off the road and leave it to the professionals.

Gameballs and Jockstraps to the NFL playoffs over the weekend.  gameball to 3 road teams winning and Seattle being a 10 point home dog but still coming out with the victory.  Joskstrap to Sex Ryan and the Jets for acting like they won the Superbowl over the weekend.  Hey, go lick a toe and settle down.

Gamballs to the Razorback  and UALR Trojans men's and women's teams for wins over the weekend.  All with big conference wins.

Thanks to Spencer Hall from for his return into The Zone to talk college football.  His blog is a clever and insightful look into all things college football.  It's worth a read or at least a look.  The pictures are fantastic and it's a snowday so why not.  And....Spencer may have the best 'stache in the bizness.

Spencer Hall

Make sure to go to and vote for Lakers guard and former UALR Trojan Derek Fisher for the NBA All-Star game this season.  The Little Rock native will receive LA's Sporstman of The Year this year.


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