2/24/2009 9:56 AM

What a day and what a weekend.  UALR clinched the Sun Belt West on Saturday and dismissed Stevie Moore from the team on Monday. Man the economy is hitting us everywhere, now college players are getting laid off!  In all sincerity this is a major blow for a team that needs all the pieces in place to beat Western Kentucky and make a run at the Sun Belt title.  Don't count the Trojans out though as they will be on the road, but with a home court feel in the tourney.  They have now won eight straight on the road.  That is freaking ridiculous.  The Trojans are back at home to wrap up the season on Thursday and Saturday which is a doubleheader with the SBC West Champion UALR women starting at 4:30pm.  Also Jim Calhoun put an idiot reporter in his place.  Funny stuff.  Click here for a listen!

Join us Tuesday night at Cajun's for Fat Tuesday and the annual Celebrity Crawfish Eating Contest!



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