Ready for the Weekend

11/16/2012 5:01 PM

Overtime was split on Friday as Trey Schaap left the stuido and broadcasted from Oxford, Mississippi, where the UALR Trojans were getting ready to take on Ole Miss.  Thanks to Trojan Head Coach Steve Shields for joining us on game day.  Matt Jones held down things in the studio with Freaky Joe.  

Special thanks to University of Arkansas Women's Head Coach Tom Collen for joining us after a big Overtime win in Tulsa and we looked ahead to their game with Oral Roberts and their trip over the Thanksgiving trip to Hawaii.  

Matt Zimmerman one of Mike Anderson's assistants joined us to talk Hog hoops.  Arkansas takes on Longwood college Sunday and Florida A&M Tuesday before they head west to Las Vegas, Nevada, over the Thanksgiving weekend.

We were also joined by Laura McKeeman of Fox Sports Net as she was getting ready for he job tomorrow on the sideline of the Kansas - Iowa State game in Lawrence.

Andy Hodges of joined us as well and talked Hogs and Dogs.  

Freaky Joe gave us his Freak's Pick of the weekend.  You would think that he would pick an NFL game or a College Football game but no, Freaky Joe went with NASCAR.

Have a great weekend and as always thanks for listening.


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