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April fools day will never be the same for Arkansas fans. Never! It was April 1st when Bobby Petrino, Head Coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks at the time, decided to take a motorcycle ride with his mistress, Jessica Dorrell, on that pleasant Sunday afternoon. It was the Monday morning after when mo... Read More >
Ok....Get Set.....Go!!!!! Time to get in those brackets. $5, $10, $25 What ever your buy in is, get the money and get your bracket in. Office pools go hand in hand like mustard on a hot dog at a baseball game. So with the Razorbacks not making the dance this year who is in your Final Four? Ke... Read More >
If you are a Razorback fan, more times than not, you can find several times during a game where the officials made a bad call or might of hurt your teams chance at winning the game. Let's get this out of the way early, officials are human and they make mistakes. Think back to the Stan Heath da... Read More >
New Orleans, LA - I have a feeling that some time very soon the Arkansas Razorbacks will be celebrating a BCS National Championship if the BCS doesn't go through a complete overhaul before it gets to the game. Some think that it could happen next year and the SEC will win number 7. South Beach... Read More >
Wyn Norwood the longtime Men's golf coach at UALR will retire at the end of the 2012 season. Coach Norwood has led the Trojans for 18 seasons and won back to back Women's Sun Belt Conference Championships in 1998 and 1999. His Men's team also won back to back Sun Belt Conference Champi... Read More >
When Erin Lanford & Lindy Blackstone got engaged, the one question I had for Lindy was where would the Hogs be playing even before I knew the wedding date. She stopped me before I could get the question out and said, "It is the open date!" If anyone knows Lindy, they know she plans e... Read More >
Back during the summer months when there wasn't much talk about football on the playing field since games were not being played, talk was turned to conference expansion. I stated several times over the summer that I saw the SEC expanding to 14 and then possibly 16 teams. 16 would be ideal, and... Read More >
Raise your hand if you wanted the Arkansas Razorbacks to play Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl with all of the troubled Buckeye players playing in the game. Knowing now that Head Coach Jim Tressel knew that his players broke NCAA rules would you still want them to play in the game? The NCAA suspended ... Read More >
Ryan Mallett set 45 different stadium or school records in his two playing years at the University of Arkansas. 45, in two years! We may never see that again. Mallett from Texarkana, Arkansas, began his college career at the University of Michigan, but he maintains that he always wanted to be a R... Read More >
Little Rock - The Arkansas Razorback football team is in great position to take a big step forward with it's program. If the Razorbacks win it's remaining 3 football games, they will play in a Bowl Championship Series (BCS) Bowl game for the first time in school history. Arkansas takes o... Read More >

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