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Sharon Aung

Sharon Aung

Age: 21
Facebook address:
City you live in: Bryant
Hobbies: Sing and Dance
Occupation: Student
Do you like a shower or bath? Both
My favorite movie is: Man on Fire
Tell us about a unique or quirky habit you have: I can't sit when I am nervous
Tell us something about you that not many people know: I am very kind and like to treat others like how I want to be treated.
What is your favorite 103.7 The Buzz show? Drive Time Sports
Who is your favorite 103.7 The Buzz host? Randy rainwater
What is your favorite sport? Football
Name 3 things that turn you on: positive people, respectful, and who has character
Name 3 things that turn you off: selfish, greedy, and impatient
What's your favorite color? Red
Describe your perfect date: candle light dinner on the beach
What is your guilty pleasure? I eat ice cream when I am sad
If they made a movie about your life, who would play you and why? Angelina Jolie because she's beautiful and very talented
My hero is: my mom
I never thought I would tell anyone, but one time I: fell on my butt while I was on a dance floor
Where was your first kiss? Drive way at my parents house
I'll never forget the time I: was in Burma.
What's your favorite way to spend your day? Turning up my music when no one is around and just being me.
Prediction for Razorback Football this year: winning
Is it okay for guys to wear pink? Yes
First concert? Steven Curtis Chapman
What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? I am Asian so we eat all kinds of weird stuff
If you had 3 wishes from a genie, what would you ask? Shopping spree, getting my degree, and vacation
What's the most childish thing about you? My laugh
Favorite pizza? Sausage pizza
Favorite vacation place? Hawaii
Favorite ice cream? Strawberry
First car? Cobalt Chevy LT
Favorite sports team? The hogs of course
What's your favorite thing to cook? Burmese food
Favorite car? Infinite G35 Coupe
Are you a collector of anything? High heels
Name of your high school? Bryant high school
Favorite doughnut? Chocolate
Favorite dessert? Strawberry short cake
Ever been sky diving? No
What's the craziest thing you have ever done? I got in a car accident
Favorite holiday? Christmas
Favorite reindeer? Don't have one
Do you play any instruments? No
Would you rather have 100 million dollars or true love? I would like to have both
Favorite cookie? Chocolate
Best childhood memory? When I lived with my grandma

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