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Kate McClellan

Kate McClellan

Age: 22
Hobbies: Being outdoors, meeting new people, being with my friends and shopping online!
Occupation: Project Coordinator
What's your favorite cartoon character and why? Betty Boop - She reminds me of myself...more heart than brans.
Shower or bath? Bubble bath is the best!
What's your favorite movie? Pretty Woman
What's your favorite 103.7 The Buzz show? The Show With No Name
What is your favorite sport? I love all sports! Football and baseball the most
Name 3 things that turn you on Confidence, Great Smile, Ambition
Name 3 turn offs Liars, Arrogance and Clinginess
What are your guilty pleasures? Sushi and shopping
If they made a movie about your life, who would play you and why? Kate Hudson. She is very quirky and has a great figure
My hero is: Marilyn Monroe
First concert? Lucero
What's your favorite pizza? Supreme
What is your favorite sports team? Arkansas Razorbacks! Handsdown!!!
Who is your favorite actor? It's a tie...Johnny Depp and Bruce Willis
What's your favorite Ice Cream? Red Velvet Cheesecake! YUMMM!!!
What's the most childish thing about you? I still play dressup!
I never thought I would tell anyone, but one time I: Peed my pants after a Halloween prank!
What's your favorite vacation place? Anywhere Sunny and Warm!!!

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