Freaky Clip of the Week

1-20-12 Terrell Suggs defending Joe Flacco
1-20-12 Ed Reed Joe Flacco looked rattled
1-20-12 John Elway Tebow has earned the right to start next year
1-13-12 Nick Saban Gatorade bath was better this year
1-13-12 Bobby Hebert coaches should be questioned more
1-13-12 Les Miles why not put in Jarrett Lee
1-6-12 John Anderson calls Kansas St. " Jamokes"
1-6-12 Terrell Suggs we do not need to pray on our sidelines
1-6-12 Justin Tuck some may say Falcons are dirtbags
12-16-11 Xavier G Tu Holloway we got gangstas on this team

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