Freaky Clip of the Week

5-29-09 Kevin Johnson trade mayoral election for NBA champ
5-21-09 James Harrison won't visit White House
5-21-09 Charles Barkley Lakers pissed him off
5-21-09 Vince McMahon says Kroenke and Pepsi Center bad business
5-14-09 Kenyon Martin says do not speak to my family or kids
5-14-09 Dwight Howard leave guys on floor that are shooting
5-15-09 Lebron James look forward to rest between series
5-8-09 Ron Artest don't you know you're hitting Ron Artest
5-8-09 Kobe Bryant Q and A on what Artest said to him
5-8-09 Ernie Johnson asks Charles about Rafer Alston

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