Freaky Clip of the Week

5-8-09 Rafer Alston says was a natural reaction to elbow
5-1-09 Matthew Stafford on Letterman top 10 list
5-1-09 Chauncey Billups and Carmelo Anthony get monkey-gorilla off back
4-24-09 Perez Hilton calls Ms. California a dumb bitch
4-24-09 Greg Popovich they kicked our ass
4-24-09 Spirit the hawk flies on top of the backboard
4-17-09 Ronald Berkman welcomes Isiah Thompson as FIU coach
4-17-09 Isiah Thomas says I am happy and excited to be at FIU
4-17-09 John Madden says tough to retire because I loved it
4-17-09 Doc Rivers says KG gave it a shot

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