Freaky Clip of the Week

3-9-12 Peyton Manning statement leaving Indy
3-9-12 Eli Manning bounties are not good for Football
3-2-12 TV Anchor uses sexiest slur against Danica Patrick
3-2-12 NASCAR Juan Pablo Montoya crashes into jet dryer
3-2-12 Dwayne Wade Kobe foul unfortunate but not intentional
2-24-12 Kobe Bryant either trade Pau or don't
2-24-12 Dana White Floyd Mayweather is a Racist
2-17-12 NYK Jeremy Lin GW 3 ptr vs Raptors, Knicks win 90-87
2-17-12 Charles Barkley Lin made History in 1st 4 starts
2-17-12 LeBron James apologizes to Dan Gilbert

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