Buzz BQ 1st Annual Rib Eating Contest


Buzz BQ Rib Eating Contest sponsored by Ben E. Keith/ Contest begins at 2:30pm on the Budweiser Stage!!

2013 is the inaugural year for the Buzz B-Q Rib Eating Contest. 
May the Best Man or Woman WIN
Do you think you can eat more than your dad, brother, best friend or complete stranger? Challenge any man anywhere and prove your prowess!
And to all the ladies………….
There is no reason why men should only get to participate in this tasty event. Come on ladies, time to put that salad away and dive right into the carnivore hidden inside!
The winner walks away with a trophy and bragging rights………….until next year that is!!!
Contestants will compete against each other and the clock to be the contestant that finishes a rack of ribs (13 Bones) in the shortest amount of time.
No alcoholic beverages may be consumed during the competition.
Contestants must not touch any ribs until the starting signal.
Contestants must stop eating at the ending signal, to be announced prior to beginning the contest.
Contestants must observe Picnic Style Rules, which means the Ribs will be eaten according to tradition and meat should be removed from the bone using teeth, tongue, lips and mouth and cannot be taken off the bone in any other fashion, (ie knives, forks or fingers). Should an Eater be observed violating Picnic Style Rules he/she will be deemed to be performing a “picnic profanity” and will be disqualified. The use of utensils is not allowed.
Accidental and/or incidental separation is allowed.
Contestants who suffer a reversal of fortune and/or urges contrary to swallowing will be disqualified. Eaters must hold down the meat for a period of two minutes after the contest.
The "Chipmunking Rule" will be in effect, which means that any meat placed in the contestant's mouth but be swallowed before their Ribs will be considered "cleaned." Each contestant will continue to eat until the meat is cleaned from their ribs or the ending signal sounds.
In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by a two-minute "RIB-OFF." In the event of a “to close to call” finish we will weigh the remains against what the weight of each “plate” was prior to the contest. The contestant who has eaten the most, according to the weight difference will be deemed the winner. This method will be used only if a finish is “to close to call” by a representative of Buzz BQ or Signal Media of Arkansas. Example: if a plate weighs 3 pounds prior to the contest and 1.5 pounds at the end the contestant will be given a credit for eating 1.5 pounds.
For a complete list of rules and regulations or to sign up please email
Ben E. Keith Foods will be generously donating all the ribs and then doing the barbecuing themselves!
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