High School Sports

103.7 The Buzz is your source for high school sports in Arkansas! Each week, The Buzz features a High School Game of the Week broadcast live with our High School Sports staff!

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Play By Play Commentary

Bob White - @gunghogolfer

Bob White is a seasoned veteran when it comes to High School Sports.  With over 14 years of experience with the Buzz, Bob brings the sights and sounds of every Friday night to your radio.

Color Commentary

RJ Hawk - @RJHawk

With over 9 years of experience calling Arkansas High School Athletics, RJ Hawk offers in-depth insight and analysis each and every Friday night from different schools around the state.

Sideline Reporter

Roger Scott - @rogerscottbuzz

Roger Scott has been with the Buzz for over 4 years and is the newest member of the High School Sports broadcast team.  Roger will be reporting from the sidelines each Friday night and offer a whitty personality with knowledge from diffferent cities across the state.


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