25 Most Beloved Razorbacks

Drivetime Sports is looking for the Razorback Nation's 25 Most Beloved Razorback Football Players! 

The votes have been tallied and YOU, the Drivetime Sports Listeners have selected the 28 Most Beloved Razorback Football Players of all time! We set out for 25 but due to such a large rally for several of the athletes we settled on these 28!

Lance Alworth

Gary Anderson

Steve Atwater

David Bazzel

Frank Broyles

Tony Bua

Brandon Burlsworth

Chuck Dicus

Paul Eells

Marcus Elliott

Quinn Grovey

Dan Hampton

Ken Hatfield

Madre Hill

Peyton Hillis

Matt Jones

Felix Jones

Anthony Lucas

Barry Lunney Jr

Ryan Mallett

Darren McFadden

Bill Montgomery

Bobby Petrino

Rick Schaeffer

Ronnie "Mac" Smith

Billy Ray Smith Jr

Clint Stoerner

DJ Williams


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