Tommy Smith

This radio icon has had a storied career that has spanned the United States.  Tommy's greatest years and achievements came during competition at Lamar Porter field.  He went on to attend Central High School (for a while) before finishing his education at Metropolitan Votech.  Near as we can tell, he served 4.5 years in the Army (achieving the rank of Sergeant).  This is where he got his big break in broadcasting, repairing radios in tanks.  He got his first job at KEWP 1380 AM while using the name T.C. Star (yes, seriously).  He became part of central Arkansas radio lore as he rose to fame at Magic 105 starting in 1980. After a brief stint in Memphis he continued at Magic until the two "parted ways" in 2004.  He then landed in the lap of 103.7 The Buzz where he has once again taken over the market with his blend of humor, anger and making David Bazzel giggle like a school girl on The Show with no Name. 

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