The Show With No Name celebrated April Fools Day with ya this morning. No we didn't do the cross town DJ switcheroo. That's been done and it will have to be after The Artist Formerly Known As The Outlaw Tommy Smith hangs up his headphones. He was part of a group of pioneers that brought tha... Read More >
This morning on The Show With No Name started off like a scene from One Flew Over The Cuckoo Nest! The Artist Formerly Known As The Outlaw Tommy Smith started smashing his cell phone with a hammer. Of course it could have been worse. I didn't have to suggested to his partner in crime, RJ Hawk t... Read More >
The Artist Formerly Known As, The Outlaw Tommy Smith, is in Day 2 of, Operation Home Alone. He is such a lonely boy since his wife is outta town I'm tellin' ya. Today he was putting hickeys on his arm! Who does that?! Now he didn't start out that way. It just happened when he was explai... Read More >
The Show With No Name had all of the working, movable parts, in place today. The same can not be said at the home of The Artist Formerly Known As The Outlaw, Tommy Smith. His wife is outta town this week and he is full of emotions and is vulnerable. He doesn't know what to do with his time and ... Read More >
The Show With No Name was LIVE and on location this morning in Bryant, Arkansas...population.......13,000 +.....SAAAAAALUTE! Specifically, we were at Geared-UP Equipment & Supply on I-30. Geared Up is the newest location in Arkansas of a growing number nation wide of Gravely Mower dealers. Now s... Read More >
The Show With No Name always has a busy Wednesday and to couple that with the beginning of The 2013 Buzz Babe Bracket made it just that much more so. Steve 'Wildman' Wilson got things started off with talk of fishing. It's Spring Break time and the fishing is all about the kids. He said... Read More >
The leader of The Show With No Name, The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw Tommy Smith, said this morning that he thought LeBron James was the best player in the NBA. Now that's not too earth shattering of a statement or stepping out on a ledge in itself I know. It's because Tommy would h... Read More >
Picking up this morning right where we left off Friday, at a celebrity golf tournament. Well, kinda. Today at Rebsamen Golf Course, Reggie Swinton had the likes of UCA head basketball coach Corliss Williamson, coach for the Memphis Academy of Health Sciences boys basketball team in Memphis, Tenness... Read More >
The Show With No Name has been a blur the last two days. I know, I know. You can say that about the program often I'm sure but, yesterday we had the Governor of the state of Arkansas on the show and it was brought to my attention that before I write the blog, he has to have his staff's appro... Read More >
The Buzz Combine was held yesterday at D-1 and it was a tremendous success! I guess that all depends on who ya ask. Derrell 'Headband' Young and Justin 'Green Mile' Acri tied but, won. What I mean by that is, they each dominated the events that was tailored to them. The vertical jum... Read More >

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