Friday 1-18-2013 Race 4) #4 Lead (Longshot) Race 5) #7 Sanaaya Race 7) #1 Rhonda's Lemondrop Race8) #7 Manewal Read More >
There is nothing better than the feel of opening day. Whether it's in baseball, football, basketball or even HORSE RACING! Today marked the begin of the 2013 race season at Oaklawn and of course who better to kick off the 2013 campaign than the SWNN. Yep that's right David (@davidbazzell) a... Read More >
Here are this week's Oaklawn Picks Race 1) #1 Congenial Race 2) #5 Blushing Romeo Race 5) #6 Now and Zen (longshot) Race 8) #3 Endorsement You can also find his picks on Facebook at Sheik of Bismarck  Read More >
Let me start off by saying how much our listeners mean to us on the Show With No Name. Over the past couple of week's, many of you have taken notice to some of the changes that have occured on the Show With No Name. Roger Scott, who use to be the author of this blog, has moved onto greener pastu... Read More >
What is really going on in this mans head? Look. I'm not the smartest man in the world. Not even close. But, I do know crazy. And this dude is CRAZY! Arkansas Razorback h..e...a..d Man it's tough to get that all out without choking and gagging. Head Coach John L. Smith was at i... Read More >
In the words of Sheriff Buford T. Justice...."What is the world comin' to Junior'?! The Arkansas Razorbacks have done what most of the real thinkers thought they would do. They lost to Alabama. The way we lost is what has the Hog faithful on a ledge. Yea that's right. I said we. I&... Read More >
Yesterday, I thought that if I didn't write a blog, it would help slow the conversation about the Razorback loss to ULM. NOT A CHANCE! OH I could never do that nor would I even try. I just got so busy Tuesday that I wasn't able to keep up and for that I'm sorry if I disappointed ya. You... Read More >
The Arkansas Razorbacks lost to a Sun Belt Conference team at War Memorial Stadium. The Show With No Name could do nothing but just open the phone lines this morning. If the president of the United States came on the radio and TV today to describe the impending doom of a meteor racing thru the atm... Read More >
It was a good time on The Show With No Name this morning talking about what folks lie about. Nobody does this type of show better than The Artist Formerly Know as The Outlaw, Tommy Smith. And not a person can try and qualify an answer to that topic than Bill Clinton and surprisingly to me, David Baz... Read More >

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TOMMY'S SHORTCUT TO THE REDNECK RIVERIA Take 530 to Pine Bluff, take the Highway 65 exit and follow 65 to Lake Village (this is probably the worst part of your drive)....A few miles past Lake Vil...

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