The Arkansas Razorbacks lost to a Sun Belt Conference team at War Memorial Stadium. The Show With No Name could do nothing but just open the phone lines this morning. If the president of the United States came on the radio and TV today to describe the impending doom of a meteor racing thru the atm... Read More >
It was a good time on The Show With No Name this morning talking about what folks lie about. Nobody does this type of show better than The Artist Formerly Know as The Outlaw, Tommy Smith. And not a person can try and qualify an answer to that topic than Bill Clinton and surprisingly to me, David Baz... Read More >
I'm tellin' ya that if you like sports, particularly football, then the Buzz is the place to be this season. More specifically, The Show With No Name. Every single stinkin' day we gotcha covered. And I'm diggin' it baby! In today, as we will every Wednesday, Matt Jones. It'... Read More >
The Show With No Name was back in the studio after a 3 day weekend. The older I get, I love the long layoff but hate the comeback more. I think that's a country song. We didn't have Harry King on the show this morning because, it was a Tuesday. I just told ya that. Nobody listens to me any... Read More >
Hurricane Isaac could not delay The Show With No Name LIVE broadcast at Fletcher Dodge in Sherwood. Nor could it dampen our Friday morning. And it was not just any Friday morning. This was the Friday before GAME DAY! Arkansas Razorback Game Day Baby! We were loaded with football talk and giveaways... Read More >
Along came long, legged, lanky, Jones! That's what the song says and it ain't lying. The Show With No Name welcomed Matt Jones into the studio this morning for what will be a weekly visit. Only the weekly visit will be every Wednesday at 7:30 not on Thursday. We had to move the first appear... Read More >
The Show With No Name was on the road this morning. Two of the program guys actually came down last night and had dinner at The Cracker Barrel, then got and early jump on the room at the Holiday Inn Express. David came down later in the evening and missed out on the hamburger steak. Many thanks to M... Read More >
The Show With No Name is as excited as every other football fan is this time of year............Game Week Baby!! Former USC and NFL coach John Robinson is the guest speaker at The Little Rock Touchdown Club today. David Bazzel tells all the speakers that part of the agreement in doing the club, is... Read More >
Today The Show With No Name was trying to do a good deed. OK. Correction. We tried to not get in the way of others doing a good deed. This morning at the Butcher Shop on Hermitage Rd, Al Watkins prepared over two hundred steaks and 600 eggs for Youth Home. You purchased that wonderful breakfast for... Read More >
The Show With No Name was on location at our studio sponsor this morning, Antique Brick Outdoor. Our conversation with the owners as well as Tommy and me disagreeing about LeBron James getting booed in his hometown are available for ya to listen to on our Audio Gallery section on The Buzz Homepage.... Read More >

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