The Show With No Name was LIVE and on location this morning in beautiful, crime free, Sherwood. Frank Fletcher had plenty to say today. And brother did he. He has made the best deal in the history of car sales on Arkansas radio with what he and GM Mark Miller cooked up. Always fun when we are on... Read More >
To borrow from The Artist Formerly Know as The Outlaw.......LIVE from my hometown....The Show With No Name was in Hot Springs, Arkansas.....population....35,193....SAAAAALUTE!! On location at Magic Springs, for the 1st of 5 Natural State Tours remotes. Gettin' paid to ride roller coasters, eat... Read More >
Lets see.....where we? Oh yea. The Show With No Name continues Day 2 of Arkansans helping Arkansans. Yesterday The Artist Formerly Know as The Outlaw, Tommy Smith, gave us all tips about the heat, lawn care, bloodletting....I mean, blood giving. All while lining up a trip to improve our minds with a... Read More >
I gotta tell ya that my computer, my laptop computer, that I've only had since Christmas, has screwed up twice today. The first time at noon 30 today as I was saving to post and head to Historic Arkansas Museum. I was done with the blog and must say I liked what I did. The second was after I go... Read More >
The crew from The Show With No Name has seen the new flic 'Rock of Ages. We discussed it along with playing some of the songs from the movie by the original artist. We all liked it. I'm not sure how David felt about the Tom Cruise character, Stacee Jaxx. Tommy didn't like him because he... Read More >
The Show With No Name welcomed with open arms, Friday Baby! Unless you work on the weekend, you have to agree that Friday is the most wonderful day of the week. I believe that the only thing that can make Friday any better than it already is, is when Christmas falls on that day. Now watch me start ... Read More >
In the words of George Costanza, 'I'm back baby!' It was a little longer yesterday than I thought and I was unable, and quite frankly, unwilling to blog Wednesday's blog II. What? I can't be honest with you? Please. I don't want to live in a country where I can't speak as... Read More >
I have some charity work to do this afternoon. I love doing charity work. How else can you work for nothin' and not get too upset about the pay? I will post on this here blog when I get off the course.......I mean of course, of course. I will post a blog later. I didn't mean I was gonna be... Read More >
I may not be getting audio from The Show With No Name until RJ Hawk gets back from Fayetteville this Friday. He is in the City of the Hogs covering the High School Baseball Championship and Justin Acri is doing producer duties for TSWNN. It may prove to be a good thing. I'm struggling to find it... Read More >
Today on The Show With No Name, The Artist Formerly Known as The Outlaw, Tommy Smith, had a big announcement to make. When David Bazzel first heard that one was gonna be made, he darn near passed out. The last time Baz heard a Big Announcement was 9:50 am on Friday, February 12th 2010. A date that ... Read More >

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