Today is the last day to early vote. Did ya know that? Do ya care? Well you're normal to me if your answers are no and no. At least to me it's normal. But, keep in mind, normal for me is not knowing what I'm talking about. We had Democratic candidate for Congress in the 4th District, Q.... Read More >
I won't keep ya long today. It was kind of a bitter/sweet day on The Show With No Name. We had a LIVE broadcast in Gravel Ridge, Arkansas. Gravel Ridge, Arkansas......population 3232 plus....SAAAAALUTE!! Gravel Ridge Small Engine is where we were for the last spot on the Gravely tour for this ... Read More >
The Show With No Name has done what no other radio program has by having Lou Ferrigno on the program this morning. We hold the distinction of possibly being the only show to have a ventriloquist perform on radio and with the original Hulk this morning, a phone interview with someone that is 95% dea... Read More >
The Show With No Name was jam packed and jelly tight this morning. It started off with a cell phone glitch all around the world. That is all around my world. And that's all that really exist for any of us isn't it. Yea. That's what I thought. I couldn't reach Samantha so, I had to tu... Read More >
#boardproblems! I got that phrase from Pat Bradley. I'm not exactly sure where that comes from or what it means. I know what it means to me. I guess it may be this generations, "Houston, we have a problem". Nevertheless, there's a problem. Maybe it's not that bad. If I could re... Read More >
This morning on The Show With No Name we had a plateful. That, coupled with the fact that I was out of pocket Thursday getting my travel on to Pine Bluff for the night before Gravely tour at Chapel Hardware and then, the Chapel Hardware Gravely remote! After getting back Friday and dropping Tommy of... Read More >
It was asked if the Weather Ninja not appearing on the program was a reflection of what was said in this here blog yesterday. If truth be told, YES! But I betcha dollar ta donuts he will never admit it. There have been times when The Show With No Name has appeared to have come across like the cove... Read More >
I left for Angola, Indiana right after Friday mornings Show With No Name from Oaklawn Park. I thought I might have no problem making Monday mornings Show With No Name from just down the street in Saline County but, after 12 hours on the road all day Sunday, I was a NO SHOW for The Show With No Name ... Read More >
Today on The Show with No Name we were without our leader, Tommy Smith. Why is it that whenever The Outlaw takes a day off we touch on a topic or two that is, well, touchy? Just unlucky I guess. When Tommy is gone David and myself will combine our topic thoughts and run with what sticks. This morni... Read More >
We Humped It Up on The Show With No Name today! This Wednesday started out like any other Wednesday normally would with 'Wild Man' Steve Wilson. His guest this morning was Wes the Elk expert. Not really sure if that is his official title but, it fits so I'm going with that. The subject w... Read More >

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