The Show With No Name started off the program with the all important call by Weather Ninja. Well, Tommy, David, RJ, and myself exchanged our morning pleasantries and then the call about the skys over Arkansas. Being back in the studio for the first show in three afforded us the opportunity to throw... Read More >
The Show With No Name picked up right where we left off Friday. No not in Searcy. We were in Sherwood this morning. On the road. We picked up where we left off, on the road. Just forget it. LIIIIIIIIIVE from Frank Fletcher Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Sherwood, Arkansas. Home of, Kevin McReynold... Read More >
I have really stunk it up here lately with the blog. Nuttin' major, just seems I haven't been able to pull off two days in a row. It's been a busy week. I'm sure it has for you too so, we can't finish until we get started. I was well aware I wouldn't get yesterdays blog done... Read More >
Not a whole lot really happened today on The Show With No Name today. The amazing part is that Tommy wanted to get to a few things but, we ran out of time. Honestly, the most entertaining thing to happen, in my eyes, was Tommy running out of the station to make it home for a nap while it was cloudy ... Read More >
With all do respect to a caller and to Jimmy Stewart .....Mr. Smith does indeed go to Washington County. Fayetteville, Arkansas that is......Ozarks......Razorbacks............population 73,580....SALLLLLLUTE!!! The search is over. At least for 10 months anyway. John L. Smith signed a contract to b... Read More >
The Show With No Name was LIVE from Rebsaman Golf Course. It's the Annual BUZZ Golf Tournament!! Yea that's right. Not gonna bore ya with all the details. Hate that I won't be able to share more with you because I have to slip into something a little more golf comfortable. While I'm ... Read More >
The Show With No Name was on the road this morning. Broadcasting LIVE from the hometown of the outside threat of the Triplets, number 44, Marvin Delph! If ya haven't figured it out yet, we were in Conway, Arkansas! Tommy, David, and me, were on location at the Ag-Pro. Thanks to Greg for allowi... Read More >
The Show With No Name celebrated a Hump Day with fun, food, and info for ya. Well the fun and info were for you. The food was all for us. I guess you could have come by for a bite. Next time we have a spread like we did today , just give me a text or email and a couple of you can grub. If it's... Read More >
The Show With No Name was where I started my day. The Zone With No Acri, is where I finished the day. That is of course if ya don't count this here blog. For tax purposes I must count it. Bobby Tucker showed up with some grub today with Chad Roller. That would be just fine on its own. But, C... Read More >
The Show With No Name tipped the scale more in the favor of fun over Bobby Petrino talk this morning. We started off the day with The Stupid Question of the Day. David mentioned to Tommy about playing the game more often and Tommy said that's a good idea so, the plan is to throw the question ou... Read More >

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