The Show With No Name was back in the saddle today. Sure, Harry King was in to discuss stuff. He wasn't particularly mean this morning but, you could tell that the lotion was not helping as much with the itching. The Razorbacks got their first road win at Auburn! That didn't impress him. ... Read More >
The Show With No Name was flying in the missing man formation today. DB just used some PTO. He did not, I repeat did not, get engaged last night and fly to Vegas to get married. Number 53 took the day to get ready for The Home Show at Verizon Arena. Baz will kick off the festivities at 4 pm. Whil... Read More >
The Show With No Name played a few games and was visited by many people today. Different walks of life such as, Jason Pederson, the Horatio Cain of KATV Ch. 7. If there is an injustice out there don't you get too slick, because mean Jason will hunt cha down! You get some ... Read More >
Being a part of The Show With No Name, whether in studio or listening on the radio, is such an enlightening experience. No, I'm serious! OK, stop laughing! Anyway, according to Steve 'Wild Man' Wilson, the turkey is quite dumb and afraid of everything. In most circles, including the one... Read More >
The Show With No Name celebrated Fat Tuesday this morning. What did we do you ask? The same thing we would do whether it was Fat Tuesday or any other Tuesday. We informed and entertained. OK, maybe we did or not. I'm really not the person to speak on that. What I can confidently say is, we had f... Read More >
Guess who was in the studio this morning? The picture gives it away doesn't it? Yep, Harry 'Button' King. 'Button' King was not in the best of moods today. He wasn't able to see his grandkids this past weekend. Of course, if it's raining or if it's sunshining he is n... Read More >
The Show With No Name was so packed today it stunk like a dirty gym sock in RJ Hawk's desk drawer! And there is one in there too! Dr. Davis, Dr. Scott Davis. Come to the studio, STAT! I was reminded by the doc that smoking is bad and made worse and harder to quit if I wrap my cig in bacon.... Read More >
It was 3 years ago today that I started working at The Buzz and on The Show With No Name. I'm so proud to be a part of the team I can't find the proper words. I'm not a talker, I'm not a talker. Thank you. You know who you are. I even got a cake in the form of one of the Scott's... Read More >
The Show With No Name was all about some love this morning. Tommy left the house this morning without his yellow pad. No big deal? That's the show on the pad. Not to worry though. Karen was going to bring the pad in on her way to work but, the show took off without it because of the certain hol... Read More >
Harry King and Old Man Winter made their way into the studio and state this morning. On The Show With No Name it's kinda hard to discern who is who sometime. The discussion with Harry centered around the Pebble Beech tourney where Phil Mickelson came from behind on the last day and out lasted T... Read More >

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