The 2014 Babe Bracket continued today with the following advancing Under 35 Bracket Scarlett Johanssen beat Alicia Keys Over 35 Bracket J-Lo beat Kerry Washington Local Bracket Reining champion Alyson Courtney beat Elicia Dover Also today on the show we discussed slogan's from different c... Read More >
Well today was interesting to say the least. We started the show 1 man down as Roger was playing meteorologist over at KATV Channel 7. If you don't believe me here is proof. Here are the video links of today's show Roger doing the weather Roger interview Part 1 Roger interview Part 2 ... Read More >
Yep we found out today, that if you have a pet monkey then you better get it registered TODAY with the health office. Make you sure you take a photo ID of your little buddy so he (or she) is legal. Also don't forget that tonight is the 2nd annual Hoops for Kids sake charity basketball game be... Read More >
Well the 6+ inches of snow didn't come like everyone expected and we were here (as if we wouldn't of been had the snow come). Tommy was a bit under the weather and hopefully we will have him back tomorrow. If you missed the show, he played a clip of Samuel L. Jackson completely going off on... Read More >
Well early this morning we learned that Solomon Thomas (Defensive End from Texas) decided to take his talents to Stanford University. No fear though, at 9:00, we learned that 4 star receiver JoJo Robinson decided to commit to the Hogs. So you win some you lose some. Tommy asked the question today, ... Read More >
Boy, Monday's are so much better after the Hogs win. We had Harry King in studio to talk about the game and give his thoughts on the upcoming Super Bowl. We will be making our top NFL QB bracket this week and we want to know what are your top 5 QB's (past or present). Put your 5 in the comm... Read More >
Today, Tommy "The Outlaw" Smith made his way back to the SWNN. We threw out the question, "What is your favorite food during the Super Bowl?" Chips and Salsas, Pizza, Chili....What is yours? Leave it in the comment box below and we will read them on the air tomorrow. It's Th... Read More >
What a way to start a Monday. We recapped the Hog basketball game against #10 Florida. Harry King came in studio and broke down why the hogs lost the game. Tommy asked the question today, Who is the smuggest person on The Buzz? You can place your vote in the comments box below. 1) Bill Vickery 2)... Read More >
Today the guys were at Oaklawn park for the opening of the racing season. As we have for the past 7 years, The Sheik of Bismark came on to give his racing picks. Race #1: #11 Jerry & Elvis Race #2: #3 You are lucky (This is the 2nd part of the Daily Double) Race #4: #5 Tis Timeless Race #8:... Read More >
Like we do every Wednesday,Steve Wildman Wilson was in studio to talk about the latest and greatest events going on in the great outdoors. Today we were talking about bald eagles. Pretty good segment if you're into that kind of thing. Oh and yes people THERE ARE PANTHERS IN ARKANSAS. Today was ... Read More >

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