Today it was all about the dad's as we prepare for Fathers Day! It was good to have the guys from Lake Liquor in studio! Here is today's video blog Read More >
Fun show today! Poor Roger always catches crap about something, but at least we found out about how far away lightning is when you hear thunder. Miami got owned at home by San Antonio 111-92 We also had the winner of the republican primary for Attorney General, Leslie Rutledge, on the show! Oh an... Read More >
Nobody wants to sit and read some long blog...Really, who has time for that. Introducing the SWNN Blog 2.0...Enjoy! The SWNN Ultimate Blog 2.0  Read More >
Today on the SWNN, Tommy was out again do to a minor illness and so when the Outlaw is away, the boys play. And that we did! Today on the show, we had the new THV11 sports anchor Mary Dunleavy up to talk about her experience in Arkansas up to this point. Give her a follow on twitter @Mary_Dunleavy ... Read More >
Well you guys know it...It's the end of month, and if you want to get a REALLY good deal on a Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, or RAM then head over to Fletcher's place in Sherwood. They need to sell nearly 100 vehicles by close of business on Monday! We wrapped the 1st round of all the brackets toda... Read More >
Yes today Tommy Smith needed to take the day off to recharge his batteries, and when David has control of the show you can expect lots of girls. We started the day off by having THV 11 Weather girl Sarah Fortner on the show. Man a pleasure it was to be graced with her presence. In fact, if you want... Read More >
The 2014 Babe Bracket continued today with the following advancing Under 35 Bracket Scarlett Johanssen beat Alicia Keys Over 35 Bracket J-Lo beat Kerry Washington Local Bracket Reining champion Alyson Courtney beat Elicia Dover Also today on the show we discussed slogan's from different c... Read More >
Well today was interesting to say the least. We started the show 1 man down as Roger was playing meteorologist over at KATV Channel 7. If you don't believe me here is proof. Here are the video links of today's show Roger doing the weather Roger interview Part 1 Roger interview Part 2 ... Read More >
Yep we found out today, that if you have a pet monkey then you better get it registered TODAY with the health office. Make you sure you take a photo ID of your little buddy so he (or she) is legal. Also don't forget that tonight is the 2nd annual Hoops for Kids sake charity basketball game be... Read More >
Well the 6+ inches of snow didn't come like everyone expected and we were here (as if we wouldn't of been had the snow come). Tommy was a bit under the weather and hopefully we will have him back tomorrow. If you missed the show, he played a clip of Samuel L. Jackson completely going off on... Read More >

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