ESPN's Mark May kicked off the day of guests we had today! He gave his thoughts on the Texas A&M/Arkansas game, plus everything going on in college football This Friday it's the annual Salt Bowl between Benton and Bryant. Both head coach's were in studio and gave their thoughts on t... Read More >
Well today was interesting....We started the day by talking to Steve "Wildman" Wilson about the annual Ducks and Bucks event. From there we talked to our new promotions director Jeremy Flynn about the next week's promotions. If you want to see when and where The Buzz is going to be, c... Read More >
Boy oh Boy! What always sucks is the Monday morning after a Razorback loss. Especailly when you blow a 17 point lead!! As they say in the theater business, "The Show must go on." So with that being said, We started off the day by talking with former Razorback quarterback Quinn Grovey. He ... Read More >
Baz was in New York today getting ready for the Rutgers game and we had a jammed pack show. We started the show off by talking with former Arkansas and Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt. He even beat Baz at his own game, "Beat the Baz." Like every Friday, ESPN's Herm Edwards broke down eve... Read More >
Tommy Smith was back in the studio after taking a day off and what a day it was for him to come back! At 7:30, Jana DeGeorge from Verizon Arena came to the studio to announce that Jimmy Buffett was coming back to North Little Rock! You can hear the entire announcement and when tickets go on sale he... Read More >
Tommy "The Outlaw" Smith was out today and so David , Roger and RJ took the bull by the horns. We started the morning by talking about Jen Bielema's new thing of "Throwing the A." Roger and RJ tried to come up with a new version of the "A". Go to The Buzz facebook ... Read More >
Today we had Bruce James on the Show With No Name and the question got brought up about the atmosphere at Razorback stadium. Of course Bruce relates everything back to tradition, but still said it was bad that South Carolina has a better attendence and atmosphere than Arkansas. Also today Tommy did... Read More >
Today, Harry King and Quinn Grovey were on the Show With No Name. Quinn talked about the injury to Brandon Allen and what the Hogs needed to do against Rutgers. As always the audio is on our "Audio Gallery" page. Also we talked about Joe Flacco not leaving to be with his wife for the bir... Read More >
The Show With No Name will get back to full time sports talk and stuff tomorrow. Well, we would have done that today with the regular Monday segment with Harry king but, I think Harry passed away in his sleep last night. Holy Cow what am I saying?! That's not true at all. I think it was a skydi... Read More >
Well it's been a couple minutes or so since the last time we met. I can't explain too much in detail as to why but, rest assured, when the truth comes out the person that made the remarks will feel terrible. And I hate that for them. I will still be their friend and like a bridge over troub... Read More >

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