The Show With No Name was back in the Rush Satellite Studios for the first time in a week. Maybe not that long but, it felt like it. No Danny-Joe Crofford today. For that matter no audio for the blog either. So I guess you could look at it as a good news, bad news thing but, not necessarily in that ... Read More >
...........And on the third day......we get to go home. Now I would be a liar if I said that I wasn't looking forward to getting home and kissing my wife and getting into MY recliner. It would also be a lie if I said I wasn't going to miss the bonding with my co-workers and new friends from... Read More >
The first night of The American Cancer Society Live In For Life was a success. By that, I mean is I survived it! Oh, it could've gone either way paly. It actually started out pretty innocently. Good clean fun game of Yahtzee. A little boys will be boys fun. Then the whole 'Family' want... Read More >
DEAR DIARY, it's all about the American Cancer Society the rest of this week. The Show With No Name, The Zone, and Drive Time Sports are spending today thru 7 pm Friday in a storefront in The Promenade at Chenal. I have found my bed for the next three days and David has found the bathro... Read More >
Today was the last time that David, myself, and Tommy for that matter, will work with Danny-Joe Crofford. In the studio anyway. He will be producing the next three days while The Show With No Name is on location, in lock-up, at the Promenade at Chenal for the American Cancer Society Live In For Lif... Read More >
I thought for a Monday we of The Show With No Name did a very admirable job. In fact, it was a very good show. A Big Shoe for all you old timers. Google that if you don't know. Because....say it with me....If you don't know, you won't know! Harry King was in as is custom on Mondays. He... Read More >
We spent the night in Russellville and broadcast The Show With No name LIVE from Dardanelle, Arkansas at John Daly's Lions Den Country Club. We're always sure to have a great time when we hook up with John. This is the 20th year he has put on this weekends tournament for the Boys and Girls C... Read More >
You are looking LIVE inside the remote studios at Middleton Heat and Air in Benton/Bryant for The Show With No Name. Jiminy Cricket did we have a time. (we talked about Pinocchio today) First things first. We all need to make sure that our heating and or cooling systems are checked before we need t... Read More >
The Show With No Name was non stop action this morning with and without guest. Of course every Wednesday we start things off with Steve 'Wild Man' Wilson. He was giving us ideas for the dad on your Fathers Day list. It seems the audio from that segment today is missing. But, one thing that ... Read More >
Made it back to The Show With No Name after a mini vacation. More like a three day holiday. More precise I was off Monday. I spent the weekend at Possum Lake Texas Campground. We were there for my wife's family reunion. I happen to do extremely well inner-tubing. Actually I did an amazing job o... Read More >

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