There is so much unfinished business concerning the Chicago trip. But, there is business from today that has to be settled before I can get in the hot tub time machine and get to the Windy City. The Show With No Name was without our standout from the University of Arkansas, David Bazzel. The word ... Read More >
I have not been able to write a blog since Thursday because, that was travel day to Chicago. The next couple of days I'll tell you more and more about the trip that was actually set up by our good friend from The Butcher Shop, Al Watkins. I have some current business to attend to first. There wa... Read More >
Steve 'Wild Man' Wilson didn't make it to The Show With No Name today. His buddy Kelly Irwin did though. Kelly brought some guests. I can't even remember the other guys name because Kelly also brought some snakes. Actually, it was just one snake and that's way too many in my book... Read More >
Let me make sure to get some sports in before I introduce the first guest on The Show With No Name. Razorbacks go 10-2 this season. Dallas Cowboys rumored to report to training camp this weekend. How 'Bout Dem Cowboys! You will be getting a biased amount of Cowboys mentions as the season goes ... Read More >
I guess Mondays can be a sucky day if you don't like your job. I love being on The Show With No Name so I enjoy getting up early and heading to work Monday thru Friday. OK, so maybe getting up early is a little of an overstatement. If you like listening to Tommy and David as I do, then you get u... Read More >
The Show With No Name broadcast LIVE from DOGTOWN Coffee and Cookery at 6725 JFK in, well, Dogtown. That's North Little Rock for those that are old enough to still be offended. What a neat joint. The owner Jason Godwin is an accomplished chef. It shows in if nothing else but the presentation ... Read More >
The Show With No Name starring Tommy Smith. Phillip Jonnson, the owner of Signal Media calls Tommy on the air today. Tommy gets a call from his new friends. Andrea and Tommy discuss MMA! The latest couple from The Marriage Ref. Former American Idol contestant Bo Bice will be at Denton's Tr... Read More >
Jiminy Cricket! How many times have I said that and been told that in my life time? I have to hurry it up today because I am being forced to play golf at Eagle Hill Country Club. I just hope I'm not in the middle of a back swing or 25' putt for eagle and get a call from President Obama wanti... Read More >
Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and..........cornbread! The Show With No Name was having a hotly debated discussion on the proper side dish with cornbread. Let alone the talk of Mexican or American cornbread. I say beans is the preferred side and David says greens. Only with David, he doesn't kno... Read More >
With my apologies to Eminem....Guess who's back? Bazzel's back. Yes, David has served his one day suspension. A suspension that he and everyone else will tell you was made up. I stand by the rumor that I started. Glad to have my buddy back. Who knows, might not be too long before we get o... Read More >

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