It's been a great week. I'm not just saying that because it was a shortened one. Nor (cool using that word huh) is it because it is over. It really was a fun week on The Show With No Name. Today RJ Hawk and myself were without David Bazzel. It seems, according to the rumor started on the s... Read More >
Just letting you know that I'm still in the bushes walkin' boss. I had so many errands to run yesterday after The Show With No Name that I just said to myself, "Roger you have been running so many errands today. It's after 5 and you're just now making it home. Why don't you ... Read More >
The three day holiday is over. If you're David Bazzel, the five day thingy is over. The Show With No Name got back to work with RJ Hawk producing and Rex Nelson, Brett Battle, and Graham Gordy making guest appearances. Rex is fast becoming the anything and everything Arkansas go to guy. At leas... Read More >
Well it's my first week to produce the Show With No Name and boy has it been fun. Everyone's favorite lil guy (Roger Scott) has gotten really busy and was unable to deliver today's blog so who does he call, yep you got me RJ Hawk. Now this is my first attempt at this, but I've been g... Read More >
The Show With No Name ended the first half of 2011 broadcasting LIVE from Frank Fletcher Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Sherwood. Frank even got into the seed spittin contest right outside his showroom floor. David tried his best but, he just didn't have the lungs. Number 53 is such a competitor that he... Read More >
OK, here's the deal. I had to cut some commercials this morning and then head off to play a round of golf with a buddy of mine that will be out of pocket for several weeks. Oh! And I went to pick up my refurbished boots from the Cobbler. They are looking pretty sweet all shined up. I even had hi... Read More >
The Show With No Name was doing all we could to make it rain today. No we didn't wash our car. We talked about fishing. David and I even did our own casting competition in the Buzz parking lot. On the show this morning we had Mayflower, Arkansas' favorite son, Billy McCaghren. Billy is a ha... Read More >
The Show With No Name was back in the Rush Satellite Studios for the first time in a week. Maybe not that long but, it felt like it. No Danny-Joe Crofford today. For that matter no audio for the blog either. So I guess you could look at it as a good news, bad news thing but, not necessarily in that ... Read More >
...........And on the third day......we get to go home. Now I would be a liar if I said that I wasn't looking forward to getting home and kissing my wife and getting into MY recliner. It would also be a lie if I said I wasn't going to miss the bonding with my co-workers and new friends from... Read More >
The first night of The American Cancer Society Live In For Life was a success. By that, I mean is I survived it! Oh, it could've gone either way paly. It actually started out pretty innocently. Good clean fun game of Yahtzee. A little boys will be boys fun. Then the whole 'Family' want... Read More >

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