Today it was all about the movies on The Show With No Name. We had participants in The L.R. Film Festival in studio today. But, before we got to them, Steve 'Wild Man' Wilson was in talking about a free fishing weekend and catfish fishing. Yes all in one show. Lindy was supposed to be in ... Read More >
Is it me or do three day weekends seem shorter? Agreed. Why can't they make three day holidays four days? Exactly. Too much government red tape. Thanks alot Bin Laden! Today The Show With No Name had the one and only Bill Vickery in studio filling in for David and Tommy. David was taking a mi... Read More >
The Show With No Name was live in front of the First Security Bank Building in The River Market talkin Riverfest. DeAnna and her staff will be on the walkie talkies for the next 72 hours. "Breaker 1-9 here comes Poison." "Michaels needs his bandanna" "How 'bout cha Wid... Read More >
The Show With No Name will be on location at Riverfest tomorrow so, today being the last day in the studio before Memorial Day we talked about war movies. The best part is when you called or emailed your favorite. There are so many that seldom was one repeated. The common thread was that we liked al... Read More >
The Show With No Name was running snow routes today and will be again tomorrow since Alabama defeated the Diamond Hogs in an SEC game today. The Tide won 7-4. That puts the game on at 9:30 again tomorrow morning. Somewhere in Cabot, Arkansas Tommy Smith just had a warm feeling come over him and he... Read More >
The Show With No Name started off today with something that happened last David Waffle House....again. Now understand this is not an indictment of every Waffle House by any means. The old WH is a favorite haunt of number 53. I would be willing to bet he has spent over $5000... Read More >
With all due respect to others in the Little Rock radio market, there is no bigger patriot on the air than Tommy Smith. That said you can bet, and in my opinion rightly so, that this week will be filled with military appreciation. It being Monday we had Harry King in and another round of 'Chance... Read More >
The Show With No Name celebrated a Friday like we always do.....anyway we can! I have some audio for you but, you just can't hear it because RJ Hawk has not posted it as of 1:20 pm. So I guess I don't have audio for do I. It's my fault because I don't know how to save it for you. I c... Read More >
That's what happens when you just can't pull yourself away from the golf course. Belvedere Golf course that is. Swimming pools, movie stars. The 4th leg of the Redneck Hackers Tour 2011 continued in Hot Springs yesterday. Belvedere has been around since 1949 and has hosted many celebrities t... Read More >
Good news is that I did not run out of gas today. Bad news is it still cost 3 tribilzion bucks a gallon! The Show With No Name was without the razzle dazzle of David Bazzel this morning. He took the day off to get up earlier than when he works to go fishing in Hot Springs. It was worth it for him ... Read More >

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TOMMY'S SHORTCUT TO THE REDNECK RIVERIA Take 530 to Pine Bluff, take the Highway 65 exit and follow 65 to Lake Village (this is probably the worst part of your drive)....A few miles past Lake Vil...

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