You can't say there is nothing to do in Central Arkansas in the next couple of weeks. Well, you can. But that's just because you don't want to take your family out of the house! I understand. My family feels that way about me sometimes. It's hard for me to believe as well. This wee... Read More >
Wow! What a day. And it's not even noon yet. It's tough being a parent. I don't care how old they get You still worry about 'em. I can't even concentrate on this blog because of one. Take for instance this guy. Zachary David Scott. He parked his car last night and drove off with... Read More >
Just made it in from Eagle Hill Golf Course. WOW! More on that in a bit. First I am contractually obligated to tell you about the morning on The Show With No Name. But don't let me forget to tell you about Tommy running his cart into a tree. The newest Firehouse Sub is in Central Arkansas. On ... Read More >
As Mondays go today was mild. Well, lets be honest. Football is still several months away. So as your morning show it is incumbent upon us to entertain you in more ways than just sports. Now I did get an email from a guy that said he was listening to "literally the worst thing he has ever heard... Read More >
The Show With No Name was live in Morrilton, Arkansas. Home of the Devil Dogs and Haynes Home Center. The 5th leg on the Gravely Mower Tour 2011. Morrilton is still a place not ruined by so much bureaucracy. Why do I say that? Thanks for asking. It's a town that still caters to the common, fami... Read More >
Last thing first. The second leg of The Show With No Name Hackers Golf Tour 2011 continued today. We made our way to Pine Valley Golf Course. Or as David Bazzel calls it, "Way the crap out there-where are we again" golf course. It's off of Hwy 107 in Sherwood. I do have proof we were t... Read More >
Have you seen this man? That is Tommy Smith. He was running late for the start of his radio show, The Show With No Name. As a matter of fact, he is still missing. I don't think the Navy Seals could find him. I gotta feeling he is hiding in plain sight. First thought? His handy dandy recliner. ... Read More >
Thanks alot Bin Laden. I just had to link that scene. I have stolen that line many a time since I've seen the movie. I say that line now for a different reason. Like, you're dead now! Thanks alot Bin Laden . See how it works? Never mind. As I said yesterday. If you don't know you won'... Read More >
Ding Dong Bin Laden's Dead! Wrote a song about it. Want to hear it? Here it go. President Obama interrupted regularly scheduled programming last night with the news that Laden was dead. Being the selfish person that only a mother could love, I was upset for a nanosecond he wa... Read More >
The Show With No Name was live on location today at Frank Fletcher Dodge Chrysler Jeep. Well, at least two thirds of it was. The company line is that Tommy was getting a check-up that could not be postponed any longer. Was he in touch with Donald Trumps people for a possible VP run? I say no. Did t... Read More >

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