Thanks alot Bin Laden. I just had to link that scene. I have stolen that line many a time since I've seen the movie. I say that line now for a different reason. Like, you're dead now! Thanks alot Bin Laden . See how it works? Never mind. As I said yesterday. If you don't know you won'... Read More >
Ding Dong Bin Laden's Dead! Wrote a song about it. Want to hear it? Here it go. President Obama interrupted regularly scheduled programming last night with the news that Laden was dead. Being the selfish person that only a mother could love, I was upset for a nanosecond he wa... Read More >
The Show With No Name was live on location today at Frank Fletcher Dodge Chrysler Jeep. Well, at least two thirds of it was. The company line is that Tommy was getting a check-up that could not be postponed any longer. Was he in touch with Donald Trumps people for a possible VP run? I say no. Did t... Read More >
All he was doing was helping and this is the thanks he gets. Tommy Smith had and accident yesterday and it's too strange not to be true. The Outlaw started his day cutting up a tree that fell in his back yard. He attempts to get into Vilonia to assess the tornado damage and see if he can help. T... Read More >
It was a terrible night of storms last night. If you escaped with nothing more than a muddy driveway count your blessings. Some Arkansans weren't so fortunate. Particularly those folks in Faulkner County. Tommy Smith has always stepped up to help no matter the tragedy and no matter where it hap... Read More >
Rainy days and Mondays can make a bad combo to start your work week. Of course if your work week starts on Sunday you have that going for you.....which is nice. Come on. You have to admit you like the song. OK maybe YOU don't but a couple of you do and just won't admit it. Just because you ... Read More >
The Show With No Name does a LIVE broadcast like no other. It begins and ends with Tommy Smith and David Bazzel. I'm just a lucky fella to be able to play a small part. We always have a great time when we get to hang, visit, mingle, or just hobnob with listeners. Today was no exception with the ... Read More >
Happy Holy Thursday. That's not improper to say is it? We covered it all for you today. Including, what does Amen mean, The Nazarite Vow, Holy Week et al, and womens......NO!....I'll tell that later. It's got to be wrong for me to mention that in the same sentence with anything Easter. H... Read More >
The Show With No Name was busy today. Storms raced across Arkansas again last night. I know I'm getting older because I need glasses to trim the hair in my ears and I am scared of storms. This morning David was just a little tardy to the station. It was my fault though. When I called to wake ... Read More >
Yesterday was The 2011 Buzz Golf Tournament at Rebsamen. A great set up by Lindy and Matt with much thanks to George and his staff at Rebsamen. The Show With No Name had a great time. Tommy played more continuous holes of golf than he has in a loooong time. David played wearing Dingo boots and I pl... Read More >

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