The University of Little Rock Trojans did themselves and the state of Arkansas proud last night at the NCAA Tournament in Dayton, Ohio. UALR came up short in O.T. 81-77 to UNC-Asheville. I don't care who you are you have be glad we were represented in the big tourney and this should be just the ... Read More >
The Show With No Name had everyone back this morning. David Bazzel and the haters. We on the morning show apologize to all the folks that have been offended. Go ahead and take a handful of apologise for the next time I hurt your feelings cause I know I will. As mentioned David Bazzel made a triumph ... Read More >
BOOM! The Show With No Name was without David Bazzel today. As big a loss as that is for Tommy to have to deal with, Jeff Long gave him and every other talk show in the state of Arkansas show prep. The search is on for the next man to coach our beloved Razorbacks. With all due respect to Pat Summit... Read More >
Now don't get all excited and think The Buzz is cutting their losses with me. Although anything is possible. That's why I'm still trying to find photos of the powers that be. I know there has to be some of Justin Acri. And I'm sure he was the one that took 'em. No I'm not tal... Read More >
Winning! When did you ever think someone would make Gary Busey seem like a rocket scientist? Same here. But Charlie Sheen is working very hard to lay claim to Best Example of a Dumb***! Yesterday or the day before the son of Martin and brother of Emilio appeared on the Dan Patrick Show and remarked ... Read More >
Congratulations to the men and lady Trojans of UALR! They are going dancin! We had the game on The Buzz last night and Ray Tucker on The Show With No Name this morning. Coach Steve Shields was just not available to us this morning. After all who can blame him? He couldn't sleep knowing today was... Read More >
The Show With No Name finished its stay in Hot Springs today talking about the UALR Trojans. Sure we did the obligatory talk on John Pelphrey but the Trojans Basketball teams, men and women, are playing for the Sunbelt Tournament Championship. An automatic spot in the NCAA National Championship Tour... Read More >
Live from my Hometown! This morning The Show With No Name broadcasting from Hot Springs and the H.S. Civic and Convention Center for the Sunbelt B-Ball Tournament. Always nice to stay in Hot Springs whether it is for Oaklawn, a Sunbelt event, or whatever, takes care of us. Today t... Read More >
Danny-Joe Crofford and I worked on todays prank call until a little after 1:00 yesterday. You can hear that in a bit. Anyway, afterwards I went to Cabot to workout with Tommy for an hour and then back to Little Rock to my gym with Justin and RJ. David Bazzel was there but he had on his ipod and more... Read More >
What a Wednesday we had. It started out like most normal Hump Days do. Steve ' Wildman' Wilson did what he does better than most and that's talk about the outdoors. Lindy filled us in on what is happening and what will be happening in and around the state as far as The Buzz is concerned.... Read More >

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