It was kind of a strange day. I guess the energy from the storm affects us all one way or another. Power went off in the studio for less that 20 seconds today but the station stayed on the air. You never would have known it had I not told you because The Show With No Name is filled with top notch pr... Read More >
The Show With No Name was grillin and chillin (it was cold) this morning at Antique Brick & Outdoor on 9th. To be perfectly honest I had a headache that developed sometime early and I still have one so I'm going to make this brief, take a BC, eat a chicken sandwich, get in my chair, and prob... Read More >
Every time a bell rings an angle gets its wings. Every time The Show With No Name visits Sheridan, Arkansas the crew gets its food! They didn't stop this morning. It was like a scene from the movie. People bringing enough food to feed a third world country for months, fire trucks, log trucks, ju... Read More >
Did you listen to The Show With No Name this morning? I'm sorry I'm not sorry if you didn't! Let this be a lesson to you not to make that mistake again. Now I will share some of the audio and happenings with you but prudence and job security prevent me from telling all. In the words of Y... Read More >
The Show With No Name brought back a lot of memories first thing this morning with talk about our first record album. For those of you born after 1985 a record album was one or more recordings originally on a 12" phonograph with attractive covers and protective sleeves and maybe and autograph ... Read More >
Today I had to do something I wasn't particularly proud of doing. I had to bring up the fact that I was right, all be it lucky, but never the less right and Harry King was wrong. In lieu of a cash settlement or dinner at his house I asked if I could take a photo and blog it of him wearing a cow... Read More >
Who says you can't have fun at a live remote broadcast from a car lot? People that don't know what their saying that's who. The Show With No Name was at Fletcher Dodge in Sherwood this morning. I have recently started endorsing the pre-owned vehicles at Fletcher and have a new title as w... Read More >
Welcome back! Mike Anderson is coming home. Yea I sad it, Home! Razorback fans everywhere are hoping that the same Mike Anderson that spoke at the Tip In Club in '94 has the same intentions and thoughts as the one that is now the Hog basketball coach. Time will tell. It will be fun to talk about... Read More >
The best of the best and I ain't talking 'bout Wilson Siding and Doors. No! I'm talking about movies. Oh, hold on...The Show With No Name blog reports Sources: Mike Anderson to Arkansas. Now back to what you really want to know. Gone With The Wind was voted Best Movie of All Time by you ... Read More >
We of The Show With No Name left our mics on this morning. It could have gone terribly wrong but thanks to my wife, B-Tine, and countless others that called and texted David and Danny-Joe the crisis became nothing more than a could've been. The Tough Man contest is right around the corner and L... Read More >

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