Live from my Hometown! This morning The Show With No Name broadcasting from Hot Springs and the H.S. Civic and Convention Center for the Sunbelt B-Ball Tournament. Always nice to stay in Hot Springs whether it is for Oaklawn, a Sunbelt event, or whatever, takes care of us. Today t... Read More >
Danny-Joe Crofford and I worked on todays prank call until a little after 1:00 yesterday. You can hear that in a bit. Anyway, afterwards I went to Cabot to workout with Tommy for an hour and then back to Little Rock to my gym with Justin and RJ. David Bazzel was there but he had on his ipod and more... Read More >
What a Wednesday we had. It started out like most normal Hump Days do. Steve ' Wildman' Wilson did what he does better than most and that's talk about the outdoors. Lindy filled us in on what is happening and what will be happening in and around the state as far as The Buzz is concerned.... Read More >
The Show With No Name was going in a few directions today. Come to think of it that's the way we roll everyday. You're welcome! Today we had a bit of beaver steak. Maverick caught the beaver, skinned it, quartered the huge rodent, and cooked it up for us this morning. I didn't even shave... Read More >
I have survived my first....and I hope last EARTHQUAKE! Arkansas has had over a dozen or more earthquakes the last couple of months with them happening more frequently the last few weeks. Last night just after 11:00, I was awaken in my slumber just as I was about to host Saturday Night Live a week a... Read More >
All together now......It's Friday! With Spring right around the corner Friday is creeping back in as the best day of the week. The Show With No Name had a full house today. Trainer to the stars Andrea came in early. She does a nice job with me and Tommy at Prevail Fitness. Between David Bazzel p... Read More >
Today on The Show With No Name we had all the goings on in and around town this weekend. Greg Hatcher was pimping the Wrestling Championships. Sub Zero MMA fights at Wild Wood Saturday night. I happen to know a thing or two about that. I was the announcer for some local bouts for three years. I have... Read More >
The 'Wildman' was up talking fishing tournaments. This one is to help pay for the processing of the 60,000 lbs of deer meat donated to the homeless shelters this past year. Joined on The Show With No Name from his home in Canada this morning was Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter. In prison ... Read More >
Tommy needed to take a TV timeout from Razorback basketball, at least for the most part. You can not, not discuss our beloved Hogs. Not on a sports talk station right? Right. There was the brief talk early on about what Marshawn Powell didn't say by saying what he said. Razorback Graffiti was al... Read More >
There was a time when I was part of a tandem called The Presidents of Radio. Well now that has become a threesome and we are at Oaklawn Racetrack for Presidents Day. I said all that just to get to the part where I can tell you The Show With No Name was broadcasting live from Hot Springs and had Terr... Read More >

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