Oh man what a day it has started out being so far. Well first thing happened at almost midnight. David comes by my room cause my baby girl was forced off the road and in a minor traffic , lets say incident. My phone has had trouble receiving calls so Meredith called David who is three doors down her... Read More >
Where have you gone Fats Domino? Right outside my window. The Big Easy, The Crescent City, and as of late for me anyway, Nawlins! The Show With No Name is broadcasting live from The Hotel New Orleans. David and I are anyway. The Outlaw is still running the ship back in LR and I believe Crofford is o... Read More >
You still have time to get your greens, beans, and ham. Today is New Years Eve 2010 and for me personally it has been, in a word, fantasawesomelygreat! David Bazzel and Pat Bradley left this morning for the Big Easy. Justin and Lindy leave tomorrow and I follow on Sunday hitching a ride with my budd... Read More >
Well it was the first thing that popped in my head. A head that is clogged up on one side. But enough about me. The Show With No Name was back on the air today after an extended by one day holiday vacation. Man I sure do dig the folks I work for at Signal Media. There I go again talking 'bout me... Read More >
The crew at The Buzz is continuing one more day of holiday vacation. That is The Show With No Name is for sure anyway. I'm out using my gift cards. I may even pick up some things for Christmas next year. After all, there are only 363 shopping days left! Thanks for listening and making The Buzz... Read More >
Today is December 23. Christmas Eve-Eve if you will. This is my first Christmas on staff with The Show With No Name. A few of the listeners, aka JK, informed me that today would be Christmas music, bits, and parodies heavy. They, he, wanted to hear a few things yesterday because they, he, would be o... Read More >
Holy Cow did we do some eating today. Lets see....Strawman and Sara brought up strawberry pie and a can of whip cream for dessert. That was for after we polished off a huge container of Sheridan's own Henrys' Kitchen ham. Son! It was finger licking good. Mac from Arkansas car Stereo brought... Read More >
Tori from Down Home Catering drove her sled to the station this morning bearing gifts. She brought that wood, er...a...ham baby. I have that at 300 degrees for about another 20 minutes and then it's on. My plate that is. As I mentioned yesterday it is Christmas Week. I love it when the guest com... Read More >
Christmas Week indeed. Having been in and around radio the past 15 plus years if I have learned anything it is that the week of Christmas is filled with fun. Not a whole lot of show prep is done or needed for that much. It's built in. What was your favorite gift as a child? How about your favori... Read More >
Doing a little extra duty today. As a matter of fact I'm currently on The Zone with Pat Bradley and Joe Franklin. Justin is off tending to his sick family so they asked me to sit in with them and I dig it. Today on The Show With No Name we had a few folks stop in. Rex Nelson graced us with his ... Read More >

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