Man is it me or has this been a longer than usual work week? No now I'm serious. They are telling me that is a new Zodiac sign and now I'm not a Libra I'm a Virgo. What? Are you serious? A new star cluster or whatever you call it has been there forever. So now I've been reading the w... Read More >
I as a man fully admit that I am a, for lack of a better term or at least one that won't put my job in jeopardy, chauvinistic pig. I do believe that there are things that guys do better than gals. You can't use me as an example but I think guys make chili better.Tommy from the Big Buck Class... Read More >
Man it's still some kinda cold out there! So don't poke your eye out with an icicle........ David has got the crud and had an issue with a Walgreen's Pharmacist. The guy ignored David and Baz had to settle for over the counter stuff. Hope he gets better soon. I know there has to be a co... Read More >
We had a good time this morning talking about among other things the National Championship Game. It was good to have David Bazzel back home. He wasn't felling too good. I think he got his medicine and some soup. I'm waiting on a call from Jacked-Up Guy to let me in the condo. My key Read More >
Oh the weather outside is frightful but the Hampton Inns delightful. Another night away from home,all alone, all alone, all alone. I am spending a second night in a hotel. Last night the Courtyard Marriott and tonight the Hampton Inn. Thank you Signal Media and Dian for setting me up. Tommy made it ... Read More >
It is indeed the weekend. It has been a longer than usual week. No it did not have eight days in it. We started out for New Orleans on Sunday morning and came home Wednesday night by way of the new shortcut to MONROE, LA! David is headed to the Bahamas for a couple three or four days, Tommy has got ... Read More >
What a trip we had. Not the trip to New Orleans. I'm talking 'bout the......?......trip back! David and I got back to Little Rock around 9-9:15 last night. That's close to 2 1/2 hours more than the normal route. Truth is stranger than fiction and the truth is we got....oh how do you say ... Read More >
What a wonderful experience being a part of the 2011 Sugar Bowl. New Orleans, friends, and family having a blast cheering on our Hogs. The game did not turn out the way we wanted it to but looking on the bright side.......Razorback Sugar Bowl shirts on sale 4 for 20 bucks. BOOM! Looks like I won'... Read More >
Oh man what a day it has started out being so far. Well first thing happened at almost midnight. David comes by my room cause my baby girl was forced off the road and in a minor traffic , lets say incident. My phone has had trouble receiving calls so Meredith called David who is three doors down her... Read More >
Where have you gone Fats Domino? Right outside my window. The Big Easy, The Crescent City, and as of late for me anyway, Nawlins! The Show With No Name is broadcasting live from The Hotel New Orleans. David and I are anyway. The Outlaw is still running the ship back in LR and I believe Crofford is o... Read More >

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