Welcome to a holiday week. The week of Thanksgiving has to be the the beginning of the end for productivity at the work place. You know who you are and you know I'm right. Come on. Tommy Smith hit the nail on the head. In our head Monday is Wednesday this week. I hope your company is lot mine. S... Read More >
Here we are and it's a T.G.I.F! Yesterday we spent time at War Memorial Stadium. That along with other ad copy that needed to be done had Danny-Joe Crofford way too much under the gun to get that to me. But, as promised, he linked it up for me this morning. Th e Thursday show had our usual conve... Read More >
What a awesome show this morning. At least it was from where I stood. Where was that you ask? Only inside the Arkansas Razorbacks locker room at War Memorial Stadium. Standing in the same place with the likes of Bill Montgomery, Bruce James, Steve Little, Darren McFadden, and of course David Bazzel.... Read More >
Wednesdays are usually a busy day with guest in and out. Seems today had a few more than usual. Of course no mid-week show can get started without that of one Steve 'Wildman' Wilson. Lindy let us know of a very busy week starting and ending with the Super Bowl Giveaway tomorrow. My words no... Read More >
The Show With No Name was all about some Razorbacks today. Of course we are a sports related show. Right? Oh stop your whining. Not you. You. Tuesdays always give us a boost with Bruce James. You can leave the five hour energy drink at home on Tuesdays. Mr. James can keep you alert with his no nonse... Read More >
Heard Gus Malzahn at The Little Rock Touchdown Club today. More on him in a second. First it was Monday all day long and that brings us the wisdom of Harry King. How I look so forward to Thanksgiving dinner with the King family. He will be so surprised when he sees me on his right at the table. It ... Read More >
T.G.I.F. That's right baby. The gateway to the weekend. The Show With No Name has a great time on Fridays. For crying out loud who doesn't. We did the football thang. But we did not even talk about those Hog B-Ballers. They won and won big against Victory. I guess we shouldn't feel too b... Read More >
Thank you! Today is Veterans Day. We broadcast The Show With No Name live from The Jacksonville Museum Of Military History. In fact all of the local shows are broadcasting there today. Wow! That's what comes to mind after we heard from Cedric Wortz. Listen as he speaks about his time in the serv... Read More >
'Wildman' Steve Wilson not only knows his stuff about hunting deer. He is just as wise to the good eating of said such animal. Steve stopped off at Hoggs Meat Market and brought in some deer sausage for our consumption. We consumed and he conversed. His tag along expert today was Ron from th... Read More >
Tommy has been back a little over two weeks and David and I could be driving him to Screw-ville. David started singing a song, I joined in, and before you know it Tommys head is pulsating with pain. I was thinking it was a Classic Rock tune. We sang it again and it made me think it's some Hall a... Read More >

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TOMMY'S SHORTCUT TO THE REDNECK RIVERIA Take 530 to Pine Bluff, take the Highway 65 exit and follow 65 to Lake Village (this is probably the worst part of your drive)....A few miles past Lake Vil...

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