Tori from Down Home Catering drove her sled to the station this morning bearing gifts. She brought that wood, er...a...ham baby. I have that at 300 degrees for about another 20 minutes and then it's on. My plate that is. As I mentioned yesterday it is Christmas Week. I love it when the guest com... Read More >
Christmas Week indeed. Having been in and around radio the past 15 plus years if I have learned anything it is that the week of Christmas is filled with fun. Not a whole lot of show prep is done or needed for that much. It's built in. What was your favorite gift as a child? How about your favori... Read More >
Doing a little extra duty today. As a matter of fact I'm currently on The Zone with Pat Bradley and Joe Franklin. Justin is off tending to his sick family so they asked me to sit in with them and I dig it. Today on The Show With No Name we had a few folks stop in. Rex Nelson graced us with his ... Read More >
Chances are better tomorrow that The Show With No Name will have all its participants back. Tommy had a check-up this morning so David, DJC, and myself did what we could with little damage to the station. Move along. There's nothing to see here. Our old buddy and host of The Weekend Gardner Sho... Read More >
What had happened was.....Thursday and Friday we were running snow routes and were doing what we could to help the less fortunate for Christmas. Today we were still flying in missing man formation. Danny-Joe was off but R.J. Hawk did some double duty. Sport Slams and Producer for The Show With No ... Read More >
I kept waiting for Monday Night Football to start last night and it wasn't until 15 minutes after it was supposed to that I remembered, realized, or come out of it what day it was. Just one of those things I guess where I saw the game the night before and thing about the next day being the 30 ye... Read More >
WOW! What a time I had at the 15th Broyles Award Ceremony yesterday. That's the reason I did not post yesterday. I had to take the time after the program yesterday to lock away in my head movies all the folks encountered. That's right I was star struck. So sue me. First I have to say Thank Y... Read More >
It's going to be a big weekend. The biggest weekend for people to put up their Christmas decorations, the SEC Championship that can put our beloved Hogs in the Sugar Bowl, James Ballentines Christmas party, Tommy Smith walking fifteen miles on a very dangerous stretch of highway, (can you say Fr... Read More >
It's all about what the kids want. That's why we play current hip hop or pop songs during the pregame at the stadiums. That's why the uniforms may have a Razorback on the pants or written on the pants. Not to mention the uniform may contain a hint of black on the traditionally red and wh... Read More >
I haven't been home all day so I'm late posting this blog. I've been shopping with David at E.M. Jeans in Conway and working out with my middle son Zac and Justin Acri. Sorry for the delay so let us get started. The first day of December on The Show With No Name is no different from the... Read More >

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