Danny-Joe was out sick today. He is missed when he is out that's for sure. One thing for me is the lack of audio for this here blog. But, it all works out doesn't it. Being out Thursday in Arkadelphia for the Ar. Adult Ed. Super Bowl....er....a...Priemer game in February featuring the NFC an... Read More >
Today is my wife Samanthas birthday. She turned.....a year wiser. Being married over a quarter does not keep a guy out of the dog house just because. being on the radio it is a wonderful thing to entertain, talk to your friends, and occasionally say something direct to a loved one like Happy Birthda... Read More >
It is that time of year. Yes we do turn the clock back this weekend. I'm talking 'bout Election Day. And boy oh boy was it a morning of he said she said and what did they say. Sen. Blanche Lincoln stopped by the office and the hotly contested race she is in brought the most comments from the... Read More >
That's right November is here and October and Halloween are in the rear view mirror. Just not before we clean up a little unfinished business if'n you please. David and I went on a ghost hunt in the Flag and Banner building which at one time was on the 'Chitlin' Circuit route. The &... Read More >
Well don't I feel like the politician Making promises and not keeping them. Look at me diverting the blame from myself. Wait, that's a politico again. Anyway, it has been nearly a week since my last blog. Why have I been so far behind? Probably someone on my staff. There I go again. Dadgumin... Read More >
Mid-week or Hump Day, Church night or simply Wednesday. Call it what you will, but on The Show With No name it's means a bunch of stuff in one four hour dose of entertainment. HaHa!! Entertainment. HaHa! I crack myself up sometimes.'Wildman' Steve Wilson brought a trio in today explainin... Read More >
Batesville vs Wynn Read More >
It is Monday after the biggest hose job Razorback fans have seen since....since.....well, the last game we didn't win. Saturday on The Plains in Auburn, Alabama we got introduced to the ugly side of 'under review'. Good news, bad news. Hogs lose, I got a top ten list out of it. Harry Kin... Read More >
Double bag that for you? That was the phrase that pays when I was going through puberty. I worked in a grocery store....too. Today The Show With No Name did a LIVE broadcast at the new Edwards Food Giant on Cantrell. I knew it would be fun but it turned out to be more. Ron the Store Director and Pau... Read More >
Last night David has his weekly night at the movies. He was so pumped about the movie Secretariat that if I had planned on not seeing it he changed my mind. If you don't know how the story of one of the greatest athletes of our time turned out you're actually not alone. A young lady by the n... Read More >

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