Double bag that for you? That was the phrase that pays when I was going through puberty. I worked in a grocery store....too. Today The Show With No Name did a LIVE broadcast at the new Edwards Food Giant on Cantrell. I knew it would be fun but it turned out to be more. Ron the Store Director and Pau... Read More >
Last night David has his weekly night at the movies. He was so pumped about the movie Secretariat that if I had planned on not seeing it he changed my mind. If you don't know how the story of one of the greatest athletes of our time turned out you're actually not alone. A young lady by the n... Read More >
It was a day just like today in Panama City Florida 1963. I can't find out what the weather there was so, by saying it was a day just like today I meant it was October 13th. I do know that it was a Sunday. On that day a future Razorback entered the world with a BOOM! H. David Bazzel. So many fol... Read More >
Today Bruce James got the crowd fired up by saying among other things that he didn't think Bobby Petrino was going to last or get the job all Razorback fans want done, win a championship. Say what you will about Bruce James.....he does. While we were in Texas David asked Samantha how we met. ... Read More >
We were expecting The Outlaw back today but he had a doctors appointment and just not feeling up to it quite yet. Keep him in your thoughts and hope he makes it back soon. Speaking of making it back, we did, from Dallas. Friday we did the The Show With No Name from The Hilton Anatole and the AD fro... Read More >
The D is for Dallas and that rhymes with Palace and I'm talking 'bout Jerry's place not George Halas! WOOO! BOOM! By this time tomorrow I will be headed to The Big d with my woman. She will be driving I'm sure and I'll be reading the paper, Tweeting, and playing Texas Hold'Em... Read More >
Surely you have used that type of logic before you had a big day come up. Well, only two more sleeps and Samantha and I leave for a 3 night stay in Dallas. Reaching the apex Saturday afternoon for the Hog -Aggie Southwest Classic match-up at Jerry's house. We are looking forward to the time away... Read More >
The Razorbacks, Cowboys, and myself had a bye week. I wasn't counting on it it just ended up that way. In being derelict of my duties the audio provided gets stacked up. I blame myself. As always, you don't have to read this blog to hear any audio from any particular days show. It is provide... Read More >
Good show today with Bruce James in house. Bruce would have stayed longer but it seems we got a little confused on him being in and leaving early. Or was it that next week he will call in? No wait......dadburnit here we go again! Among the birthdays and anniversaries it has been 25 years for David... Read More >
Where do I begin? How 'bout with a phone call from Tommy Smith! Huh? That's right I did. Just before I started this blog my phone rings and the caller ID says Tommy. Actually it says Gator Cell, but that's for another time. ...a The Outlaw will get better. ... Read More >

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