Released, Friday, Sept 24, 4pm LATEST UPDATE ON MORNING SHOW HOST’S CONDITION This morning, Tommy Smith, host of The Show With No Name on KABZ 103.7 The Buzz, had a medical emergency live on the air around 9:30 a.m. 911 was called and he was transported to an undisclosed hospital. The... Read More >
Happy Hump Day boys and girls. The day started off with a caller named David with a song idea for me to write about our David, Bazzel that is. I can't improve on this. Brevity is the soul of wit. 'Wildman' Steve Wilson was in and did a turkey call with a drink stirrer. Wild I tell you. ... Read More >
Today was the first of the season for a segment called Baz vs Bruce. What were you thinking? A more fancy schmancy name? Well get over that real quick. You know who you're dealing with. Bruce also had a few comments about our Hogs defence against a red shirt freshman at Georgia and what's co... Read More >
Monday after a Razorback win, is there anything else to talk about? Other than the Dallas Cowboys ruining a perfectly good Sunday afternoon. They should be ashamed. The Hogs didn't disappoint did they. What a great win. of course I would say that about all the rest if they want me to. Thank good... Read More >
Stayed the night in Pine Bluff because The Show With No Name was in town on behalf of Ronnie and Cari Cates, founders of Smoke on the Water B B Q extravaganza this weekend. The best in the world attend this event with $50,000.00 up for grabs including $20,000.00 to the winner. They're will be a... Read More >
The way it usually happens is one of the guys on The Show with No Name ask a question, or makes a comment and that can consume a great deal of time on a morning show. Well this morning David asked for help on finding a word that starts with the letter L. This is to go along with The Legend(Tommy), T... Read More >
We had a star studded show to day. Steve 'Wildman' Wilson went it alone today and told us about a celebrity fund raiser at I-30 Speedway. Lindy did the same thing. But then again, she's tough enough and not scared of a couple pig radio guys. Bruce James called in to defend himself ab... Read More >
Tommy had to leave a little early today so David , Crofford , and I did what we do. We filled in like professionals. OK ,OK you can stop the laughing. I said that was enough. Besides we had guests. Julia Hamra from Blue Coast Burritto stopped by to say hello. Tuesdays with Bruce James. That sounds ... Read More >
It's me again Margaret. That is the tithe of a Ray Stevens song. Who is Ray Stevens? You should be ashamed. Anyway, it's been a little while since I have been here. Thanks for calling to check on me. Let us move forward from here, K? Today Was a good show from a football talk stand point. Oh... Read More >

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