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Monday for most, Tuesday for the rest of us. The Show With No Name kept right on doing what it does, holiday or no holiday. Or the day after for that matter. Tuesday on the show during football season is our day with Bruce James. Also during football season Razorback Graffiti lets us hear what'... Read More >
Whose working Labor Day? Your friendly neighborhood Buzz Crew, that's who! Yes, much to the dismay of The Outlaw Tommy Smith we the crew of The Show With No Name were here for you this morning. Not to mention, the rest of the day will be filled with the live bodies of your favorite Buzz personal... Read More >
Oh it's Game Day Eve for our Razorbacks but football has started around the country and most high schools take the field tonight. We had one time Head Hog Lou Holtz on this morning. He will be on every Friday morning at 7:30. You do not want to miss it. Just in case you forgot today, I have it f... Read More >
We were indeed in Conway, Arkansas. The University of Central Arkansas to be exact. First, we started with from the top, Dr. Allen C. Meadors. Just because we are on the road doesn't mean we won't have guest stop by the studio. While we were at UCA Danny-Joe Crofford invited Anne Jansen int... Read More >
The Hog Tunes challenge 2010 is in full swing. Up to twenty Razorback themed songs in now with more coming in as I write. I'll give you all the details at the end of the blog. That being said, or blogged if you will, let us get to today's show. David Bazzel is having shoulder problems and n... Read More >
Well, please forgive me for being derelict in my duties. It's been a little tough not being able to post because of all our activities. Starting back on the road last Thursday checking out the new press box on Markham, Friday heading to the Mighty Mississippi for fishing, to all of the football... Read More >
Whether it was food or pretty ladies, we got our bellies full today. Buzz Babes, Fashion chicks ,Beth Hunt, and Paula Gaye Montgomery- Swindle. Shoot, if that wasn't enough Tommy's favorite and repeat Buzz Babe Champion Dawn Scott, no relation,(I've always wanted to do that) got a birthd... Read More >
Ever had one of those days. You know you don't stand a chance because you still have the day before's concerns that won't or can't be resolved by you alone because you are waiting on the call. Well, still waiting. We had a bona fide actor in our studio today Josh Pitts. He was in wi... Read More >
We debuted the remake of an oldie but goodie today. On Markham. I'm not sure if I can post the audio for you today but as soon as I know it will be done. Here's a shocker for you, Harry King liked it. Harry even wrote on a piece of paper and showed it to me. And I quote, "Good Job"... Read More >

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