Starting the day off with would you eat a roach for $100.00? In this heat wave we're having, that's the difference between box fans and running the air. Yep, we sure did. That didn't last long because, thank heaven it was time for The Wildman. Today, Steve Wilson talked streams with his ... Read More >
I think it was one of the funniest and fun shows in......a week. Oh we are throwing it around these days. Talking a little Razorback football today along with some songs and Paul's Calls. We'll continue the rest of the week with that and what one Hog QB from the past 35 years would you want ... Read More >
Well the whole crew was in at the same time today, the beginning. Harry King was all over me today. I think I make him uncomfortable. Who am I kidding. Harry has things other than me on his mind. But, he was throwing 'em at me today. I don't know what they put in his tea before he leaves the... Read More >
The whole crew back to finish up the week. We heard from Signal Medias Phil Mickelson, Trey Schap. He is covering SEC Media Days and sent some sound bites to us of Hogs Coach and QB. Here would be where you should hear them but I don't have them. I can hear your name calling. They will be availa... Read More >
What a show we had on The Show With No Name! We new we had some guest calling in and stopping by so we started out with perusing the paper and spotted the bestiality story. Trying to get the strange stuff out of the way first. Thought we might have audio from Trey Schap at SEC Media Days. We will to... Read More >
It has been brought to my attention that Tuesdays' blog omitted. Well, they were right. It was Danny-Joe and myself as David was recovering from surgery and Tommy, well, Tommy was recovering. We talked a little about the butt kicking the Daybreak crew gave us during the Buzz-Daybreak Open. Croff... Read More >
Well after not posting on Friday because of laptop problems and the show today I am doubling up some audio for your listening pleasure. Friday Morning we were at M&M Stop and Shop Bike Shop. We had so much fun I just had to let hear if you missed. Ty and Rasslin' Man came by to see David an... Read More >
That's a good way to describe Thursday. Sorry It's taken so long to get this up. My other laptop went, CRASH!!. That being said, or bloged rather, lets get to it nice and quick before it happens again. Much fun today. That is unless you're Mel Gibson. WOW!! Razorback and Honorary Leade... Read More >
That's all it is, just another Wednesday, Hump-Day, Mid-week, Downhill Day. We even held hands and sang a little Ray Stevens while Miss (insert Spanish female name here) Blackstone was in with us. Lindy is headed to Mexico in a little more than a week and The Show With No Name thinks she needs a... Read More >
Today was a Two for Tuesday. Really. Favorite Redneck in Sports and, well, Really. David was off on Fourth Quarter Production business but, that doesn't mean he is not keeping and EAR on The Show With No Name.........really Lindsay Lohan may suffer because she won't be able to smoke in jail... Read More >

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