That's all it is, just another Wednesday, Hump-Day, Mid-week, Downhill Day. We even held hands and sang a little Ray Stevens while Miss (insert Spanish female name here) Blackstone was in with us. Lindy is headed to Mexico in a little more than a week and The Show With No Name thinks she needs a... Read More >
Today was a Two for Tuesday. Really. Favorite Redneck in Sports and, well, Really. David was off on Fourth Quarter Production business but, that doesn't mean he is not keeping and EAR on The Show With No Name.........really Lindsay Lohan may suffer because she won't be able to smoke in jail... Read More >
Full house today. The only thing more crowded is the area with folks wanting to hang actor Mel Gibson. Seems the Lethal Weapon star was recorded while talking to his latest babies mama Oksana Grigorieva. He seems upset. WOW! Harry King was not in today. His absence made room for Matt and Mary Jacks... Read More >
The title says it all. Danny-Joe Crofford did what made him a star years ago when he worked for the Outlaw as Stunt Boy and or The Chinese Gangster of Love. He went to the streets. With Tommy in his ear via Blue tooth directing and Crofford performing, the duo can not be beat. DJC is home and restin... Read More >
Breaker 1-9 for that Redneck Rider. How 'bout cha Sheridan? Or is it Dardanelle? Oh the heat is on. We covered alot today and I'm not referring to the napkin I had covering my shirt Jed Clampett style. This morning in the first hour we discussed LeBron James and his announcement tonight of ... Read More >
Don't you just love short weeks? Would you rather have Friday or Monday off for your government mandated three day weekend? Six in one half dozen in the other I suppose but, my gut says Monday. Wednesday brings us guest Steve Wilson and Lindy for sure. We had more to boot, so lets get to it. ... Read More >
That's what happens when you're blessed with a three day weekend. Hope everybody had a great 4Th but it's over, kaput, gone, history. Get it out of your mind. It was fantastic, but it's done. For those of you still writing 2009 on your checks, disregard and keep on keeping on. The O... Read More >
How 'Bout Dem Americans! What a ton of fun this week, with today being the Cherry Bomb on top. Get it Cherry Bomb? Fireworks, July 4Th? Come on that's good....for me. David and I were at Oaklawn Park. In the gaming room specifically. Call it what you will, but that place is really cool. And... Read More >
Well known Sports Journalist Paul Finebaum was a guest on The Show With No Name today. Click HERE for the interview. Finebaum has made headlines recently due to his controversial statements about Arkansas and the Razorbacks' place in the SEC. Read More >
It was our last day in the studio before the 4Th so we blew it up! David, Crofford, and myself had on matching patriotic shirts. We even had Mannequin With No Name ready for the holiday weekend. If David can get the clip from Daybreak it will be posted on our web and facebook pages. Listen to me. If... Read More >

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