Ever had one of those days. You know you don't stand a chance because you still have the day before's concerns that won't or can't be resolved by you alone because you are waiting on the call. Well, still waiting. We had a bona fide actor in our studio today Josh Pitts. He was in wi... Read More >
We debuted the remake of an oldie but goodie today. On Markham. I'm not sure if I can post the audio for you today but as soon as I know it will be done. Here's a shocker for you, Harry King liked it. Harry even wrote on a piece of paper and showed it to me. And I quote, "Good Job"... Read More >
The Show With No Name finishes up the week on the road. The Redneck Tour 2010 is OVER! We were received very well In the capital, Dardanelle. So many guest, so little time. But, we got it all in. Jocko stopped by for the entire show and sang it up! Tommy, David, and myself were treated with our own ... Read More >
You know I didn't make notes during the show so my short term memory just got shorter. I do know we had Miss Lindy in today. Always a good laugh when she is there. Of course after spending an hour on The Show With No Name I think she has to wash up. Danny-Joe Crofford was all over it today. The... Read More >
WEEELLLLL DOGGIES! We hit the second city on The Redneck Tour 2010. Sheridan, Arkansas. Population 3752. Salute! Got in town Tuesday night and headed straight to the hotel. The Hillcrest Inn on Hwy. 167. I was pleasantly surprised to have WI-FI available in the room. FREE! You don't get that in ... Read More >
It seems like forever since I have signed on to blog. Truth is it's only been three days. David and I left last Thursday morning for St. Louis with my son Zac. We hooked up with Davids old friend and our new one, Cleman Decker and from the moment he picked us up at the airport we didn't stop... Read More >
Alot to cover and a short time to get there. David was off today getting some Fourth Quarter Productions work done and I'm sure finalizing our trip to St. Louis. Wildman Wilson was telling us all about Mussels. Not the kind David Bazzel teaches us but the kind that....Oh,who am I kidding, let S... Read More >
For the second day in a row the Daybreak crew had some fun with #53 in your program but #1 in our heart David Bazzel. David brought in some shoulder pads and his authentic game day Razorback helmet to dress up our mannequin. Now this Hog lid has the battle scars and scratches but, from the vantage p... Read More >
It's Monday and the whole gang is back together. Welcome back Danny-Joe Crofford. DJC spent the week in Florida. He spent time and money on a gift for me. I knew he loved me. Having him back also affords me the opportunity to pass along audio from the show. The Daybreak segment was funny. The v... Read More >
Special guest throughout the show. Brett 'Weekend Gardner' Battle and The Weather Ninja joined us this morning. We started the show off with talk about one of our first jobs. The Show With No Name has just about exhausted the Mount Rushmore of topics. I said just a bout. Actually it is a fu... Read More >

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