It was our last day in the studio before the 4Th so we blew it up! David, Crofford, and myself had on matching patriotic shirts. We even had Mannequin With No Name ready for the holiday weekend. If David can get the clip from Daybreak it will be posted on our web and facebook pages. Listen to me. If... Read More >
The heading really doesn't describe what the show was. It's just an attention getter. Hey, it got you here just play along. First off the bat was Steve 'Wildman' Wilson and his guests. Trevor, Rachel, and Sherman. Oh yea,and Ruby the British Lab. Listen to their story. Lindy came b... Read More >
There was a packed studio today. Brett Battle from the Plant Outlet in Conway was our special guest all show. Brett is a super nice guy and very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. If you have any questions for him call him at the Plant Outlet or wait til Saturday mornings at 8am on the... Read More >
The Outlaw is on vacation this week. That leaves David, Crofford, and myself to do the informing and entertaining. I had a great time today. First time in the big chair in a while so be patient please. Harry King came in and talked about..........being in Branson. I wish he was my grandpa so I coul... Read More >
Don't you just love Fridays? For some it's a two day holiday. For The Outlaw Tommy Smith, it's another vacation to The Redneck Riviera. This trip is a little different than the one 4 months ago. join me in wishing him and the family a great time and a safe return.....SALUTE!! The Cabo... Read More >
What is happening youse? You know how you drive the same road everyday and you fall into one of those driving comas and BAM! You're 20 miles down the road and can't believe you're that far? Sure you do. I said all that to say the show today was fast. After the first break at 6:30, I loo... Read More >
Three of us were back together today. I know it's only been a day that one of us was out but, believe me, when you love what you do and who you do it with it you notice. Tommy will be gone all next week and you Mr. or Miss listener aren't the only ones that miss him. David is still looking ... Read More >
We recapped Dentons Trotline remote Friday night. Everyone had a great time. Tommy said he has been doing things like that a long long time and that was the best time he has ever had. His mom and dad, wife, son, and sons girlfriend were there. Matt and Mary Jackson. what the heck am I doing? I cou... Read More >
Not only is it Friday but, it's Friday before Fathers Day. On The Show With No Name any day that gives us show prep it is welcome. We had so much show we didn't get to all of it. Hey, on The Show With No Name we could use it Monday. We first talked with Tommys dad. I have known Bill between... Read More >
In The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, the character Arthur Dent says "This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays". A few minutes later the planet Earth is destroyed. Thor, for whom the day was named, also appears later in the Hitchhiker's ser... Read More >

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