Today on The Show with No Name, we were joined by former Texas Longhorn players' James Street and Bob McKay. We, along with Harry King and Bruce James talked about the most important game in Arkansas football history, The '69 Shootout. We were also on the road at two different USA Drug locat... Read More >
Today on the Show with No Name, we had Buddy Jewell on. He talked about coming to Hector, Arkansas, to help raise money fr a new multi-purpose building. For more information on the event call Michelle Brown at 479-284-2021. To hear his interview click here. We also had Charlie Staggs from the stadiu... Read More >
Today on the Show with No Name, we talked about the Hogs and the Trojans. They both lost yesterday. The good news is ... we had a scavanger hunt for Razorback tickets and Lindy up the ante with a pair of Elton John and Billy Joel tickets. Thanks to all the people who showed up and stayed because the... Read More >
Yesterday, a jury of 12, found Curtis Vance guily on all counts with the death of our friend, Anne Pressly. It was a long time coming. It took over a year to go to trial. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Anne Pressly.  Read More >
Here are two funny and distrbing videos. Check them out. The first is a baby that survives under a train. The next is a drunk woman falling on a subway track. Read More >
Today on The Show with No Name, we covered all the upsets in college football, the Razorback win, the NFL and The Beast Sean Fister in studio to talk about the golf privlage card. NFL Highlights in the Jar-o returned today with our guy, Wolfey, from Arizona, talking about how bad the Cardinals beat ... Read More >
Today on the Show with No Name, we had two time former World Heavyweight Champion, George Foreman on. He talked about a new product called Foreman Cleaning Solution. Click here to hear the interview. We also had Crofford's high school buddy, SFC Bill Loggins, who is stationed at Ft. Hood, to tal... Read More >
Today is The Outlaw Tommy Smith's birthday. If you see him today, please wish him a happy birthday. Today The Show With No Name is live from Hot Springs at Oaklawn. We are getting ready for the Breeder's Cup. Today is also game 6 of The World Series between the Yankees and The Phillies. Also... Read More >
Today on The Show With No Name, Tommy couldn't make it in due to the Great Flood of Jacksonville so Baz and Crofford had a back up plan. It's Halloween weekend and Crofford got Robert Englund on the show. Robert Englund is best known for being Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street ... Read More >
It is pretty amazing. Bazzel and Crofford saw it last night and was mezmerized. Michael proves once again why he is The King of Pop. It is a must see for all music lovers. The singing...the dancing...unbelieveable. Even Philip Martin thought it was good. Read his column on Friday in the Arkansas Dem... Read More >

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