It maybe a rainy day, but it's dollar day at The Arkansas State Fair and The Show With No Name was there to kick it off. We covered the AWESOME Hog game over the weekend. How 'bout them Cowboys. Big win for Dallas and let's not forget about the undefeated Denver Broncos. Be listening thi... Read More >
Today on The Show With No Name, country singer George Jones called in to win tickets for his driver's cousin. Does that make sense? If that doesn't, listen to the call in George Jones makes here. Read More >
Today on The Show With No Name we had Oscar winner Gene Hackman on the show. Gene Hackman has been in great films like The French Connection, Unforgiven, Bonnie and Clyde, Crimson Tide, The Firm and let's not forget the Superman series. Speaking of Superman, you have to hear Crofford's quest... Read More >
Today on the Show with No Name, we had our 1st Annual SWNN Celebrity Fantasy Football Draft. This year's participants include Anne Jansen, The crew from KATV's Daybreak (Beth Hunt, Melinda Mayo and Barry Brandt), ASU coach John Brady, UALR coach Steve Shields, The Show with No Name and Phili... Read More >
Saturday, July 24th at Verizon Arena was a special day for Arkansas native and American Idol winner Kris Allen. Kris was going to perform in front of a sold out show in his home state, but as always, like before, had time to talk to his favorite radio station, 103.7 The Buzz. Click here to just hear... Read More >
Today on the Show With No Name, the new Miss Arkansas, Sarah Slocum stopped by to talk about winning this year's crown. We also interviewed Denise Richards. Crofford made her a little uncomfortable and you can hear it right here. Read More >
Today two of Little Rock's legends in radio, Tommy Smith and KSSNs Bob Robbins has joined forces to help Matt and Mary Jackson from M and M Stop and Shop in El Paso. They have a son that fell victim to a gun shooting. Please help by going by any Simmons 1st National Bank and donating to the &quo... Read More >
Today the Show with No Name was finishing up the Best American Rock Band bracket because their is no sports going on. People are still talking about the death of Michael Jackson. The Jackson family announced late yesterday that the puplic service will be Friday, July 3rd and the private service will... Read More >
The morning after after Kris Allen is announced the winner of American Idol, he is on the Show with No Name with an exclusive interview. This year's Idol had a record 100 million votes and 38 million came from Arkansas. You can hear the interview right here. Read More >
The Show with No Name will be broadcasting live at Greystone in Cabot for the Paul Eells Tournament. American Idol star Kris Allen will join the show, IN STUDIO today and tomorrow, it's the 5th Annual Buzz-B-Q. Come join us at the North Little Rock RV Park from 11-6. Read More >

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