The morning after after Kris Allen is announced the winner of American Idol, he is on the Show with No Name with an exclusive interview. This year's Idol had a record 100 million votes and 38 million came from Arkansas. You can hear the interview right here. Read More >
The Show with No Name will be broadcasting live at Greystone in Cabot for the Paul Eells Tournament. American Idol star Kris Allen will join the show, IN STUDIO today and tomorrow, it's the 5th Annual Buzz-B-Q. Come join us at the North Little Rock RV Park from 11-6. Read More >
The Show with No Name is in Searcy at Dacus Rental and Sales. Tommy will be at Juanitas for the Buzz Babe Unveilling from 6-8pm and Crofford will be the MC at the annual Gibbs Magnet School's International Fest. Be sure to check the website this weekend for Crofford's I'm Just Saying ...... Read More >
The Show with No Name was at Oaklawn, getting ready for the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. Oaklawn will be open for the Kentucky Derby, so you can make your bets. The feature race will be number 11. The park will be open Friday at 9am and Saturday at 8am. Tommy Smith will be at Cajun's tonight from... Read More >
The Masters begins today with Tiger Woods as the favorite. Who do you think will win Tiger Woods or the field? Since our last posting, Melinda Mayo won the 2009 Babe Bracket. The Final Four participants this year were Melinda Mayo, Beth Hunt, Christina Munoz and Anne Jansen. Read More >
It's time for the real bracket to go under way. Starting today it's time to vote for the national and local babe bracket. To view the bracket click on the links below. Click here for Tommy's National Bracket Click here for David's Local Bracket Read More >
Click HERE for the complete interview with Nolan Richardson today on The Show With No Name. Read More >
Today on the Show With No Name, we had former World Heavyweight Champion, George Foreman. George is promotin his new product, George Foreman's Knock-Out Household Eco-friendly cleaning products as featured on QVC. George also talked about how boxing is different today than it was in the golden e... Read More >
Today is Friday the 13th and The Show With No Name broadcasted live from Oaklawn. It's going to be a beautiful President's weekend, so if your in Hot Springs, go to the track and play those ponies. Speaking of Friday the 13th, the movie Friday the 13th opens in theaters this weekend. Jason w... Read More >
The Show with No Name discussed steroids in the MLB. New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez came out yesterday and admitted to using steroids when he was playing for the Texas Rangers in 2001. There are still over 100 players that may be revealed soon. Thanks to Capi's restaurant for bringng food ... Read More >

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