The Show With No Name

It's A Bet!

9/19/2011 1:54 PM

The Show With No Name has a bet. It's a hair match. Tommy Smith and RJ Hawk say that the Alabama Crimson Tide  will be victorious this weekend against the Arkansas Razorback.  David Bazzel and I believe the Hogs will be the winners. Now, Tommy has done this before and getting his head shaved is no biggie. So it's a win win for him if the Tide lose. I say that RJ will suffer the most because of his age and the fact that he will look more like Shrek Donkey than ever before. If you don't believe me take a look at this photo earlier today of RJ at the LR Touchdown Club.  In all fairness, David will look just as good as ever and I should turn out like George Burns. If you're too young to know who that is I can't help you.

Harry King came up this morning. Harry is a sports writing icon and Arkansas treasure. He was in at 8 instead of 7. What are you gonna do, tell him his losing it? Of course not.  You let him think tomorrow is Christmas and you relish the time with him. 

 It's time for a little Razorback Graffiti. I gotta tell you. It hasn't been so hot lately. What? I'm just being honest. Truthfully, this edition had only a few gems. I guess it's better than nothing. Need your help when it comes on each Monday. You guys and gals are the most creative. Oh I've read the blog comments.

Cheese Dip Championships this weekend at War Memorial. Eddie 'Pick Six' Pannell was in promoting the 2nd annual event.

Tomorrow Bruse James brings some old school tough love toughness to the show.

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