The Show With No Name

Chaz Bono?.....Uncle Fester?

9/26/2011 2:43 PM

The Show With No Name with Tommy Smith, David Bazzel, and now RJ Hawk, has giving me so much the past year and a half. Today if gave me a little more than I ever thought it would. Thanks to the show I now know I have male pattern baldness creeping in.

Have you heard? The Arkansas Razorbacks lost Saturday to Alabama. The ramifications of that loss could be far reaching. Will we have a let down next week against Texas A&M? Can the Hogs win out in the SEC and possibly get back to the Sugar Bowl or for that matter another BCS game? Those questions we can't answer today. What we can answer, about that loss, is the fact it cost David Bazzel and myself our hair. In Davids case, no doubt it will grow back. My hair on the other hand just may have too much of an uphill climb and decide to just say SCREW IT!!   

 Thank you Melinda Mayo for taking the time on your vacation to come in studio and perform the dirty work. Melinda had a hard time vacuuming my hair. she said it blended in with the carpet and made it difficult to find. What does that tell you? Never mind.

We did have Harry King with us today. 

No doubt Razorback Graffiti was gonna be a can't miss this morning.

A first time caller to the show kept wanting to know where the package Coach Petrino was going to open on The Tide.

Tomorrow Bruce James will be in the building and he WILL NOT say things that make you tingle with joy when he speaks about this Hog team.


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