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10/6/2011 12:22 PM

The Show With No Name was guest poor today. (look it up) We were of course without our David Bazzel. The Baz had to take a PTO day to finish up some, well, personal things. Even when he is off he is still a busy little beaver.

 Mark May was not able to join us at his regular 7:30 slot. He was making flight connections but, pulled over for us somewhere in Connecticut. It's apparently a  $200.00 fine to talk on the phone and drive there. Did you know that? We are excited to have the guy on each week and hope you are too.

 Lets see. Where do I start? Here goes. Former Razorback running back, (early 70's) Hog coach, first Twisters head man, Houston Cougars coach, USFL, NFL, Canadian coach. OK my computer is running out of letters. John Jenkins was passing thru on his way to Fayetteville and visited with us.

 We thought we might break up the sports talk a second or two with Senator Mark Pryor calling in this morning. He wasn't pushing a bill or speaking on behalf of a fellow Democrat. I wished he was calling to get the name of the judge in Greenville, Texas to put me on speeding ticket probation. Is there such a thing?

 Surprisingly enough, the guy that talked more about politics and or the state of our wonderful county was, John Ratzenberger. John was Cliff Clavin on the long running CBS TV show Cheers.

A not so old old friend of mine,  Greg Ballard, came in to preach on the great things that are going on throughout Central Arkansas at the Boys and Girls Clubs. The story of the naked swimming at the clubs when Tommy and Wally Hall, to name a few, were kids trying to stay off the streets and out of trouble reared its ugly head again.

Tomorrow we broadcast LIVE from The Butcher Shop. We are doing it to help out one of our family members. The daughter of Leslie Griffin, Jordan. Jordan has been ill from a very rare form of staph. The story is heartbreaking but, the family is starting to get more hopeful. Please come by and make a donation of $10.00 and get steak and eggs for breakfast and a $10.00 certificate for the next time you visit The Butcher Shop. If you can't stop by and donate, when you hit your knees to pray, please mention Jordan would ya. 

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