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Just Another Tuesday

10/18/2011 3:25 PM

Today on The Show With No Name was just like a great deal of the other second days of the week. Bruce James came in compliments of Arkansas Federal Credit Union.  Matter of fact, he allowed me to ask his weekly trivia question worth $103.70. How 'bout that! I don't take something like that lightly now. I have been known to really confuse others with my, shall we say, unique question asking skills. No I'm serious. David gets such a kick out of my ability that he insisted on me asking it today. Well, as I start talking, the sentence structure just gets all jumbled up in my head and when it comes out of my mouth it sorta sounds like what a verbal pretzel would look like. We made it through and the caller got the answer. I guess I can tell you the question can't I? Sure. The University of Mississippi has the only one of these in the United States. What is it? (Since 1968, the school operates the only legal marijuana farm and production facility in the United States.) What do you think of that, Spanky!

I'll be right back.............I'm back thanks. Man how you diggin this weather? I love it. Rainy, windy, and cold. Had to step outside and check the dog. I may have done something else. There may be kids reading this and I will not, I repeat, WILL NOT purposely be a bad influence. That should cover the station huh. But, I am diggin this time of year.

Newton and Dover came in studio in the last hour and entertained us with song and satire. Really funny stuff. I wish you could hear it but, producer RJ Hawk  is tuckered out from a long day at the office and shopping. Yea that's what I said shopping. More specifically, boot shopping. Oh didn't I tell you. Today happens to be my birthday. Thank you very much for that. Yea, my BFF David Bazzel gave me a gift card to Crossroads Western Wear.  There are my new boots in action. Oh I also have a shot of Tommy, David, and myself at Lindy's wedding. Check this out........ BOOOOM! I swear I don't look that old in my head movies.

Alright look. I have to end this now because I'm afraid the slightest movement will cause this thing to freeze up. Make up your own joke but, I'm talking about the laptop you freak.

Tomorrow Matt Couch in for Lindy and Wild Man Wilson.

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