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10/25/2011 12:39 PM

Man what a start to the morning. I usually get up between 3:30 and 4:00 each morning. After my early morning coffee and constitution, I take my shower and get dressed. I try to leave by 5 so I can get to the office, read the paper, and have daily reflection meditation with, RJ Hawk.  When I leave I tell my wife goodbye with a kiss and head out the door. This morning I was startled by the newest addition on the property, a Scarecrow!  That DARN thing was not there last night! Out of the corner of my eye I see this guy advance towards me. Before he can move a second step, I'm on him like Bobby Petrino during a losing halftime speech to ANYBODY! After a brief scuffle I return inside the house to take another shower. I head back towards work. Once at the station I start making my wake up call home. No answer. After 15 minutes I start calling my sons number but, he works late and the sound of waves crashing sound affects he has going on in his room is too loud for him to hear his phone so he was not picking up. Finally after trying and trying for 45 minutes I have to leave the station before Tommy and David get there and head home. Boy the stupid, horrible things that can go on in your head in that situation I would not wish on anyone. Well, maybe one guy but he's already dead so. I make it home and everything is fine other than the phones are on SILENT!!! I hug my wife a little tighter and as I walk back to the vehicle I get another look at the scarecrow mugger and put him back in the ground and all is well.

 Bruce James had the phones going this morning. Look, Bruce says what he feels and that rubs some the wrong way. To a few he sounds anti Razorback. Don't ever think that no matter what he may say about the coach, offense, or defense. (He never says a word about the special teams) He was born in Moss Point, Mississippi. He is a Razorback by choice just so you know where his loyalties are. Tommy also had a second week of RIGHT NOW with number 85.

 Yesterday at The Little Rock Touchdown Club, the speaker was, Larry Lacewell.  If you've never heard him speak at a relaxed function, if you will, you are missing a good hour of laughter. Lacewell has earned all he has received through hard work in the football business and has some great stories about his time with legends including another Fordyce, Arkansas boy, Bear Bryant. I don't have the audio but, he started his appearance at the Embassy Suites saying David Bazzel's new short cropped hair looked like a monkeys butt! It was all good after that.

Tomorrow 'Wild Man' Wilson, Mrs. Lindy Blackstone-Lanford star us off and we celebrate RJ Hawk turning 26. Yes, yes, yes, we will talk Hog Football, if'n ya on't to.

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