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Happy Thanksgiving

11/23/2011 1:16 PM

As a kid didn't you just love holiday week at school? I know I did. And it hasn't changed in my not so kid age these days. The Show With No Name had our Thanksgiving show this morning. One great thing about working at The Buzz is that todays show was no different than if it was July really. I mean Tommy Smith will play whatever he wants whenever he wants and that's just that so, it's a fun time everyday. I work with a bunch of people that I thoroughly enjoy seeing everyday. I'm thankful for that. I'm not just speaking of Tommy, David, or RJ. I love those guys for sure. Everyone at the station is cool. Now I know that you might think there has to be someone that I don't get along with but, no. There probably is a person or two that doesn't get along with me but, I couldn't name them or know why. I'm thankful for that. You as a listener is important too and I'm tickled when I get to meet each one that I do. I'm thankful for that. Jiminy Christmas! There may be one guy that kinda scares me when he's around . Even then I don't show it though. It's not his fault really. Lead in the water may have contributed to his.....his.....You know what? I love him too and, say it with me,.....I'm thankful for that. Listen to me now. Seriously, (yea right) no now seriously. I do appreciate each and everyone that listens to The Show With No Name and all the Buzz programing. Without you there is no Buzz. It's the fans of the station, which I am one of, that make it the strongest station in the market where it counts. That's one way James Ballentine tells me to look at it. I'm thankful for that. May you make it to where your travels take you tomorrow and safely back home. Happy Thanksgiving.

Oh yea. The Hogs are number #3 in the entire world! I'm thankful for that! Go Hogs!


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B-Tine (11/24/2011 11:13 AM)

I'm thankful that ur thankful Roger Doyle!

chris from sherwood (11/26/2011 11:54 AM)

I don't care if petrino told miles to f off and called him a mfer, I feel the same way about him. In fact I may have said the very same thing, once or twice during the game.

Meredith Scott (11/29/2011 1:00 PM)

Don't forget that you're thankful for your daughter!! :)

Meredith Scott (11/29/2011 1:00 PM)

Don't forget that you're thankful for your daughter!! :)

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