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Let Us Be Thankful.....And Move On!

11/28/2011 1:43 PM

 Harry King was back in studio this morning. The Show With No Name welcomed his wisdom on how to accept the loss, beat down, drubbing, spotted 14 points and couldn't take that and run with it non-victory against LSU Saturday. Razorback Graffiti was no where near as bad as it has been. I think that should tell Tommy Smith that the usual suspects of booger sculptors, of which I have been in the past. Heck who am I kidding. I'm still one. And proud of it. You should come over and see my Christmas Village complete with smoking train! Anyway, we have come to grips with the loss and embrace what has been a great season, by Arkansas Football standards anyhow. Next up a bowl game. A victory there and an 11 win season. Take that!

 UCA Head Football Bear, Clint Conque, answered the phone when RJ called and gave us a chance to congratulate him and the team on a great season and their first win ever in the first round of the NCAA Championship. Round 2 is in Montana. Color man Justin Acri said he already has his long underwear packed. They're Spider Man and possibly his sons. Nah. They're Justin's. We're with you Bears. Go UCA!


 RJ Hawk had an idea pop in his head while driving back from Texas that he thought would be a great one for The Show With No Name. I agreed. Sunday afternoon we went into the office and banged out the Razorback Recap segment heard this morning. Take away the 30 minute smoke/coke break and pulling up Christina Aguilera videos, we worked on it about 4 hours. That's no biggie 'cause that's what it required and what we do. Tommy didn't say anything good, bad, or indifferent. David Bazzel complemented us on our efforts and suggested we let him in on it next time. We agreed to that. Justin just laughed at our face and made us pick up hamburger wrappings in the parking lot. When we finished we went back to RJ's office and pulled guessed it....Christina Aguilera! My favorite is the Burlesque video. Check out all the other daddy's little girls in this one! RJ broke a sweat as a young Texan to Genie in a Bottle. To each his own. As Randy Rainwater would say, It's six in one, bakers dozen in the other!

But I digress. Tomorrow Bruce James will drop in and wax poetically about the game on Friday last. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with your family. Talk 'atcha tomorrow. 

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