The Show With No Name

What A Monday!

12/5/2011 2:20 PM

My computer has just about bit the dust. I was out looking at some over the weekend. Maybe I should get it now and count it as the ONE gift I get to open on Christmas Eve and declare December 5th as the new 24th! That being said I will not provide audio today but, will tomorrow or Wednesday. I'm not sure any of you listen on the links I provide  anyway. If you do you can go the The Buzz Home Page and hit The Buzz Hub window, drop down to Audio Gallery and BoOoOoM! Get what you want from all the shows. 

The Show With No Name did its best to answer your questions about the BCS and Bowl selections that came out Sunday. After much debate or discussion, depending on which side of the fence you are on, we came up with.....wait for it....wait for it....more time is needed. Well what do you want? You think we have all the answers? Harry King? Right. If you thought that then you believe Oswald acted alone and Jesse Ventura knows a guy that knows a guy that knows a guy that may have seen something.  Man did I step into a mess with former Gov. Ventura. The wrath that came down upon my head was more than ever before. I..I.. didn't even use a politically incorrect dialect for that one. Do I believe that the United States of America manipulated the weather on November 22, 1963 so instead of rain it was a beautiful sun soaked day and that led to the top being down on the presidential motorcade? NO I DO NOT! I think this is the first place you may have seen that theory. Do I believe that Area 51 is actually the location of the studios where the Moon Landing was perpetrated? NO I DO NOT! You want me to believe in conspiracy? I got one for ya. The national media, including ESPN, has a bias against the University of Arkansas in a BCS Bowl. Now that's something I can sink my teeth into and get behind. No I don't believe that either. Or do I? I don't feel safe talking about it here. If I'm not on the air in the morning at the Broyles Award, you'll know I got got to!


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